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Humanists of Southeast Michigan began in 1977 as a membership chapter of the American Humanist Association, a non-profit educational organization. The purpose of the Humanists of Southeast Michigan has been to promote the ideals of the "Humanist Manifesto - Humanism and its Aspirations" that express an ethical, democratic, naturalistic life-stance that challenges irrationality, promotes critical thinking and the separation of church and state. We present a system of Humanist ethics that is a rational alternative to those based in religion and encourage connections among thoughtful people in our community. We presently are looking to revive our formal status with the AHA, and invite all who share our ideals to participate with us.
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Three day Conference in Sarnia, ON - just across the bridge from Port Huron, MI

HSEM co-hosted Conference presenters Dan Barker and his wife, Annie Laurie Gaylor, at a Humanist Conference held in Oakland County a fair number of years ago. He had been a fundamentalist preacher and, after finding reason, became an entertaining and effective advocate for Humanism. Activities and other speakers of note, included in this upcoming Bluewater Conference, are discussed by its sponsors in the following brief presentation:


This promises to be an event which will be both reasonably affordable and well worth attending...


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