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Hyperledger case studies in the supply chain domain

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Organisations across the globe are coming under increased pressure to have traceability across supply chain operations. Socio-economic, environmental and a global health crisis are all contributing to intensifying the demand. Overall there's a high level of uncertainty about trusting businesses' claims, and a lack of knowledge about what carbon neutral means and where products come from. Transparency and traceability in the supply chain will underpin sustainability initiatives.

In this session we will cover

  • Trends and forces driving traceability
  • Challenges to overcome and solution requirements
  • Finding the value
  • Case studies

Speaker: Levine Naidoo

Levine works across the region focusing on helping organisations adjust to the contemporary supply chain priorities of resilience, agility and sustainability. He has a solid grasp of supply chain business challenges and how Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Automation and Standards can be leveraged adjust to new business priorities. Levine is a member of several international standards committees and has a wealth of experience on industry engagement, driving mass market adoption of standards and technological change.

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