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Blockchain Platform as a Service using Hyperledger Sawtooth + More [Mon, 9/17]
Agenda 6:00 Networking 6:30 Speakers • Talk 1: Blockchain Platform as a Service using Hyperledger Sawtooth • Talk 2: 8:00 End ---------------------- We are looking for a host and sponsor for this event. If you are willing and able to host us, please contact the organizers. ---------------------- Talk 1: Blockchain Platform as a Service using Hyperledger Sawtooth Kyloon Chuah from Veriteos will talk about developing a blockchain platform as a service using Hyperledger Sawtooth. His talk will include a introduction of the Veriteos platform and an explanation on why they chose Sawtooth, including things they like and why they see Sawtooth having a clear tech advantage over other open-source distributed ledger solutions. In the course of his talk he will explain how their platform ties in with Sawtooth and they are able to make the ledger even more developer friendly. Lastly he'll explore the areas that they would like to see extended in Sawtooth, using this as a springboard for wider discussion among the group. About the Speaker Kyloon Chuah is the co-founder of Veriteos. Previously, he was Head of Software at Elemental Machines, and a co-founder/CEO at Valar Lab. He holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and Biosensors from University of New South Wales. ---------------------- Talk 2: TBD

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