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FACT: Life is NOT a sitcom and finding your BFFs isn't nearly as easy as being picked up by Ted Mosby or reconnecting with your former bestie at Central Perk. So if you're a smart, fun, and otherwise socially adept human but find yourself feeling a little duped in the "friends" category don't worry, it's not you (well, probably not).

• Perhaps you moved for work or for a relationship and now you're having to start from scratch when it seems everyone already has all the friends they need.

• Maybe you spent a little too much time in college ACTUALLY studying while everyone else was bonding over cheap booze and bad sex.

• Work from home? Self-employed? Don't have a typical 9-5 with the usual coworkers? God help you.

• More "quiet caterpillar" than "social butterfly"? You must be boring then, right?

• And let's not even get started on how difficult it can be to make friends if *god forbid* you decided to serve your country, join the Peace Corps, spend a year abroad, or found yourself suddenly battling a chronic illness before the tender age of OLD.

In other words - if you're human and you've lived any sort of life, it's pretty much guaranteed that at one point or another you'll find yourself watching TV/reading a book/people-watching/whatever and wondering why you don't have "awesome friends like that too!" So what's a human to do?

STEP 1: Do Not Panic. Ditch all of those self-loathing thoughts and repeat after me, "I'm totally normal and I can has friendz too."

STEP 2: Join this Meet Up. (Now.)

STEP 3: Come to the events! (There Will Be Barbecues. There Will Be Board Games. There Will Be Bonding... There will also be much more but most of it doesn't start with a "B").

Step 4: Smile. Be yourself. Give yourself permission to have a bit of fun and watch as your life gets exponentially more sitcom-y (please BYOLaugh-Track).

But seriously now, "I Can Has Friendz" is all about doing things you enjoy with other people who enjoy them too. It's about bonding over common interests and life-experiences regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. There will be plenty of events month-round so you can pick and choose the ones that most suit your interests and availability. (Dinners out/in, movie nights, board game nights, trivia nights, picnics, hikes, the occasional happy hour/bar night, brunch, camping trips, road trips, you name it. We'll do it.) You can even suggest events/activities that you're interested in. (Check out the DISCUSSION (https://www.meetup.com/I-Can-Has-Friendz/messages/boards/) tab to suggest an event!) The only rule is that you show up when you say you will and treat everyone else with kindness and respect. (Speaking of respect, as this is not a dating website or a dating-specific group, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to private messaging members whom you have not yet met at an event (unless prompted by an event organizer for the purposes of organizing carpools, etc.) If you are reported for unsolicited messages to strangers you will be blocked from this group immediately. Please don't be a creep, everyone deserves to feel comfortable showing up to any of our events.)

Past events (75)

Pre-Halloween Camp-Out! ($35)

Sequoia National Park

Bonfire at Dockweiler State Beach!

Dockweiler State Beach

Camping @ Big Bear! ($45)

PCT - San Bernardino National Forest

Memorial Day Weekend Camp Out! ($50)

Cleveland National Forest

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