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What we’re about

Dear f*****g friends,

We have spun off a non-profit, The Friend Ship, to address the epidemic of social isolation and loneliness in Austin. You can find out more about our initiative at You can also contact for more info!

The Friend Ship Board

About the f*****g friends:

This group is for anyone who is looking to make new friends. Whether you are new to Austin, introverted, or just want some new people to hang out with, this group is for you!

This group formed in 2017 and quickly grew to be one of Austin's largest MeetUps. We are proud to be one of the most active and inclusive groups in Austin. We are going to be hosting as many MeetUps as we can to explore everything Austin has to offer. We have members all over Austin, so we will have Meetups in various locations. Everyone is welcome!

Note: We are a social group run by volunteers who have a shared passion for addressing loneliness and the need for strong friendships in Austin, TX. Anything that goes beyond that is where our MeetUp ends and ya'lls journey in friendship begins!

You can find out more about the Surgeon General's advisory on loneliness and social isolation in the link below:

We look forward to continuing to provide opportunities for ya'll to build a solid friendship network in the beautiful city of Austin, TX!

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