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What we’re about

We started this group for two reasons: 1) to meet other adults who love all that is Harry Potter and 2) to have fun, social Harry Potter-themed events like book clubs, board game nights, Harry Potter Wizards Unite crawls, pub crawls, trivia nights, Harry Potter Alliance meetups etc. The opportunities are endless and magical!

We also have an active monthly fantasy/sci-fi book club, where we talk about other books that may have also inspired us or at least helped get us through our Harry Potter withdrawals.


If you are into things other than Harry Potter, great! Let us know and we can work those in as well. <br>

Please message us and let us know your ideas, interests or if you would like to host a gathering or get involved in helping me run this meetup!

For new members: We have a Zero Tolerance Policy on Harassment. If you are found to be harassing a member of our meetup, you will be banned immediately. Also, due to harassment issues that have happened in the past, we require all members to have an actual photo of themselves on their account.  To increase your chances of being added, please spend some time with our sign up questions.  One word answers probably won't get you accepted. Thanks!