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The Completely Unofficial & Definitely Unlicensed Boy Wizard Tour at the DeYoung
Museum Hack has another Harry Potter-inspired tour of the DeYoung scheduled! We went to another one earlier this year and it was so much fun. We got sorted into houses, played games, and had two guides show and talk to us about pieces in the museum and how they tie into the Harry Potter universe. This tour is even longer and I can't wait to see what it includes. Tickets are $49 each and there is limited availability. Book soon and let us know in the comments section when you have. Below is information from the website. Click here for more info: Have you been waiting for an owl to tap on your window since you turned 11 years old? Do you have STRONG opinions on The Great Snape Debate? Have you ever thought, “Man, it would be really great to go on a kickass guided museum tour with a bunch of fellow Potter nerds?” Our two-hour “Completely Unofficial and Definitely Unlicensed Boy Wizard Tour of the de Young” is for witches, wizards, Squibs, and Muggles alike. We can’t guarantee that the portraits will talk, but we will delve deep into the history of secret societies from the museum, show you representatives of the braves, the smarts, the kinds, and the snakes in the museum, and search for equipment like wands, robes and pets to prepare for the most important moment in every young witch or wizard’s life — when you find out your House! Tour is for ages 16+, siriusly. No one under 16 will be admitted. Email [masked] for info on our private tours. Note: Museum Hack is not associated with J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., or any of the individuals or companies associated with producing and publishing Harry Potter books and films. Duration: 2 hours Price: $49 per person

de Young Museum

50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive · San Francisco


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I started this group for two reasons: 1) to meet other adults who love all that is Harry Potter and 2) to create a community chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, a nonprofit coalition that draws inspiration from the Harry Potter novels to go out and do good in the world and fight the real-life dark arts. Because why not use our passion for Harry Potter to do good! Together we can make a positive impact in our community, which is real magic! You can read more about the Harry Potter Alliance here (

My hope is to alternate meetups between volunteer events and social (Harry Potter-inspired) gatherings (because friendship is a form of magic too!).

We also have an active monthly fantasy/sci-fi book club where we talk about other books that may have also inspired us or at least helped get us through our Harry Potter withdrawals.

Some ideas for future events are Harry Potter themed potlucks, movie nights, wand-dueling paintball, and I've always wanted to do a Harry Potter themed murder mystery dinner but would need a lot of help with that one.

If you are into things other than Harry Potter, great! Let me know and we can work those in as well. I just love themes and costumes really, and I realize that there are a lot of cross-over interests that we probably share.

Please email me and let me know your ideas, interests or if you would like to host a gathering or get involved in helping me run this meetup!

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