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"You Know You're An INFJ When..." by Kara Halcyon:


"Why INFJs are misunderstood." by Frank James:


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Welcome fellow INFJ!

If you classify as an INFJ Myers-Briggs personality type, please join us!

Our mission is both to hang out and do awesome stuff in the Bay that resonates with us, and to discuss our thoughts and needs.

As an INFJ, you may find yourself living intuitively, wearing your heart on your sleeve, having uncanny insight into many situations, internally focused, etc.

We have a tremendous amount of heart and soul in each and every one of us that makes our type quite complex.

This group continues to foster respectful, solid friendships between INFJs - it's always great to find people who understand you.

Here is a guide to the INFJ type:

Upcoming events (1)

October INFJ Self Care and More! Covid Coping Edition

Online event

A frank INFJ discussion on difficult coworkers, friendships, dating, and health.

Share what you're comfortable with. Trying to create a safe place for people to discuss their gripes and come up with different solutions. Discussion on learning, health, time management, etc.

Are you able to transition properly to life during the pandemic? What do you wish you could still do like go to dance clubs? What insights have you found while in quarantine or in your new normal. Can talk about other things, but with a covid theme to it.

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2021 October INFJ Zoom Chat

Online event

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