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CRAZY~WITCH Soul Retrieval Ceremony with Monkey Flower (Mimulus) and Aspen

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Please note: This ceremony takes place at the Sanctuary, the EASTSIDE Tucson Location (Broadway and Wilmot)

For many generations the words "crazy" and "witch" were/are used against Earth honoring People (mostly women) as weapons of control and persecution. So many of us have ancestral soul wounds and fear related to these words, and the very real abilities that scare(d) people so much.

Have you, or an ancestor, been called “Crazy” and/or “Witch”? If so, please join Quynn Red Mountain of Intuitive Shamanic Animists, with the Gentle Powers of Monkey Flower (Mimulus) and Aspen Tree, as we collectively and lovingly call upon those parts of us, and our heritage, that have been wounded by these words and the actions that follow(ed) them.

Mimulus Flower (Monkey Flower) and Aspen are the Plant Spirits that called out to be gathered by Quynn in the high mountain meadow and stream of eastern Arizona, to be brought down the mountain and used as our spiritual medicine for this sacred work.

Aspen Bark and Leaves help us gently unearth Unknown fears (manifesting as general anxiety, depression, or worry) so that Mimulus Flower Essence can help us soothe our Known fears (such as being negatively treated as Crazy and/or “Witch”). In our sacred circle we ask for guidance and assistance from our Earth Honoring Ancestors to help us restore the Intuitive Power within ourselves, and to honor our Ancestors who were hurt by the attitudes that create such word weapons.

This ceremony will include: Opening our Circle, Communing with Mimulus Flower Essence and Aspen (no ingestion), Soul Retrieving Guided Meditation and Spirit World Journey, Creating a Collective Offering for our Fallen Ancestors, Singing Together an Aspen Song, Gathering our Community Light for our World, Optional Sharing, Closing our Circle.

Please note that Quynn is not a therapist or counselor. She, and her Spirit Guides, hold space for those in this circle so that each participant can feel safe to receive what their guides want for them in the moment.

Each person, of any gender, who is called to this ceremonial circle will be treated as a representative of their ancestral Animist tribes. Please feel free to wear ceremonial clothing and/or bring ceremonial tools to help you connect with your sacred ancestry. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one. We have rattles to share.

May the winds of the past speak to us in a loving way so that we can retrieve our sacred lineages, needed so strongly in these times.

Offered by Spirit Guided Donation. Donations support ISA and the Sanctuary.