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What we’re about

Welcome to the Web of Life Animists Meetup group.  
We are Animists-We are All Connected in the Sacred Web of Life.
We welcome your interest in animism and practicing the intuitive arts!  
"I truly love Web of Life. I always leave feeling more whole than I was before."
Here, you can join with other folks online and in Tucson, AZ. Online we offer circles for anyone who is interested in Earth honoring ceremonies, circles for tending trauma, grief and inner world exploration that help us explore our healing, inner peace, and connection with our inner worlds and dreaming mind.

This group was started by Quynn Red Mountain on behalf of Web of Life Animist Church. Online circles are offered by a number of Animist practitioners in the intuitive and wellness arts- All are friends of Web of Life! Each practitioner comes with their own gifts, and their own approach to spirit world connection and wellness. Please Note: These offerings in no way are meant to replace any kind of medical or psychological treatment, and we do not profess to be "shamans".

All genders are welcome, as are people of all backgrounds, ages, gender expressions and spiritual persuasions. Our goal is to facilitate opportunities to explore our life journey, together. You can find out more about our approach at .

Please note: We promote these offerings in addition to listing them at this group, so listed attendance is not necessarily reflective of how many people participate.

There are many wonderful opportunities for intuitive self-refection, soul restoration and community connection in the gatherings offered here. Once you join this group, the best way to explore is to show up to a circle that interests you. Each facilitator is kind, with a strong skill set in their area of interest.

Before you rsvp and show up to an event, please take note of our Event Agreements and Grievance Policy. IF YOU ATTEND ANY CIRCLE OFFERED BY THIS GROUP, IT MEANS YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE WITH STATEMENTS PROVIDED.

Web of Life Animists- Agreements and Grievance Policy
Purpose: Web of Life Animist Church has posted evolving versions of the following event agreements since 2008 for when we gather in community. Web of Life offers trainings, circles, workshops, sessions, labyrinth walks, ceremonies, community clinics, or markets (known as “events”). Web of Life hosts both “in person” and “online” events.

The Web of Life Grievance Policy (see below) is enacted by Web of Life’s Grievance Panel when needed. Web of Life is committed to navigating conflict in our community with a “calling in” approach rather than “calling out” or “casting out”, while acknowledging that Web of Life church, our path and facilitators may not be for everyone, and we may not find agreement.

Web of Life Animists Event Agreements
We are glad you are here. If you attend a Web of Life event, it means that you have read this document and agree with the following:

  1. An event is any gathering hosted by Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animists, no matter the venue (inside, outside, online).
  2. By attending an event it means you agree to fully release and hold harmless Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist church and the event facilitator from and against any claims or liability arising out of your attendance. Each person takes care of themselves, and agrees to that responsibility.
  3. At no time is violence, derogatory language or aggression (in the physical or virtual worlds) tolerated by any participants of an event. It is also important for each person to express their personal agency to enact their boundaries if someone’s energy or actions are uncomfortable.  The event facilitator agrees to hold the space in a kind and protective manner, to the best of their ability. The event facilitator is empowered to remove any event participant when they feel it is needed for the wellbeing of the group. Whether to remove or not is the decision of the event facilitator. You can leave if you feel uncomfortable.
  4. If an issue does occur during the event, we ask that you bring up the issue during or after the event with the facilitator. You can also gather your thoughts and reach out to the facilitator later by email. See the Web of Life Grievance Steps below.
  5. By attending an event, all participants agree that confidentiality is important, so what is shared in group, stays in group and also in a 1:1 personal session with a Web of Life Minister or Pastoral Counselor. A situation may arise, however, when it may be necessary for the event facilitator to share certain information with others: 1) When the event facilitator is uncertain how to address a particular problem and needs to seek advice from another Minister, Pastoral Counselor or Director of the church. 2) When someone says that they are harming someone else, want to harm themselves, or someone else may be harmed unless others intervene.

Did something happen at a Web of Life event that feels bad? Grievance Steps:

  1. Speak/write to the event facilitator about your issue as soon as possible, through email, voice message or in person. Specify the event, those involved, date/dates of the event, and relevant details. The event facilitator will do what they can to resolve the situation.
  2. If resolution is not found with the event facilitator, the grievance will be submitted in writing to the VP of the BOD, if neutral in the particular situation, (If not, then the President or Secretary of BOD) to decide if the issue warrants being referred to the Web of Life Grievance Panel for deliberation. If so, the panel is composed of three Web of Life Board of Directors, Ministers or Pastoral Counselors with neutrality in the particular situation, who agree to sit on the panel for the situation. If not, they decide the course of action.
  3. Grievances will be held confidential within the scope of the Web of Life Event Agreements (#5 above).
  4. When the matter of the grievance is addressed, the decision of the VP/BOD member or Grievance Panel is final, and Earth Web Media’s Web of Life church or the event facilitator will not be held liable for resolutions with which you disagree.
  5. If the BOD member or Grievance Panel decides it is needed, any remaining dispute may be addressed with transformative mediation, or settled by legally binding arbitration, depending on the situation. Web of Life church BOD will decide if this is necessary, and whether to offer compensation for this service on a case by case basis.

Thank you for being a part of Web of Life Animists, and we hope your experience is nourishing within this community! Find out more about us at 2023

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