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Jaime Gonzáles García - From Idea to reality in 50 minutes

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Till detta Meetup kommer Jaime Gonzáles García till Regent för att visa oss hur du kan gå från ide till verklighet under 50 minuter med Angular och Firebase Angular.

Jaimes egna ord: "The Angular cli and Firebase make it extremely convenient to create and deploy your products to the cloud. Follow along as I build an awe-striking multi-platform application with Angular and Firebase in under 50 minutes."


17:15 Dörrarna öppnas med mingel

17:30 From Idea to Reality in under 50 minutes with Angular and Firebase Angular - Jaime González García

19:00 Sushibuffe med champagne

21:00 Dörrarna stängs för denna gång


Vår sommelier har valt ut kvällens spännande champagne, passande till sushibuffén.

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Om Jaime:

Jaime jobbar idag som Technical Solutions Consultant på Google.

"Hi, I am Jaime and I am an extremely passionate software developer. I love the creative side of it, building things, that immense power to be able to create anything you can imagine and share it with others. I see myself as an artisan, I put my heart into my work and I pursue the creation of beautiful experiences for people to enjoy. I love solving problems, making things simple, fixing things that are not broken but could be improved. I am practical as well, I understand that software development and creativity are iterative processes, I start with the simplest and most straightforward solution and I go iterating, improving, polishing over that until I achieve what I want (red, green, refactor!). I love learning, every new technology is a new wonder to me, and I like to share my excitement about what I learn with other people. Above all, I strive to be awesome at what I do."
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