• SF's Largest Tech Startup, Business & Entrepreneur Professional Networking Mixer

    (Outside link removed) MAKE SURE TO RSVP (Outside link removed) (Outside link removed) This is the largest networking event for Entrepreneurs , Startups and Business Professionals. Calling All: Tech Startups! Entrepreneurs ! Artists ! Professionals ! Free-lancers, Thinkers, Game-Changers, and Heroes! Are you looking for co-founders, partners, coaches or core team members for your start-up? Please join us for an evening of creativity, inspiration and passionate conversations. Hosted By - SF Entrepreneurs & Startup Network (SFESN) (Outside link removed) Ambiance: - Name Tags will be provided to everyone who attends.We request you put your name and industry on your name tag. - Make sure you bring enough business cards. - The dress code is Business Casual. Timings: - Event is from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.***Arriving on time recommended. (Outside link removed) Support The Space: Since the venue is lets us use the space for the event, please support them buy ordering (one mandatory) beverages and food. ***As alcoholic drinks are served at this venue, all attendees must be 21+.*** Venue Sponsor: WeWork Golden Gate Theatre (Outside link removed) (Outside link removed) (Outside link removed) (Outside link removed) The organizer of this event inserted numerous links to outside social media. This has been administratively removed pending contact from this organized to admin. RSVP for this event via meetup and receive all the information you will need to attend.

  • Labor day: Border Hopping

    San Diego International Airport

    Labor day?! Border crossing say what!! Here's the basic layout of my plan: FRIDAY: We meet up at San Diego around noon to 2 pm and head over to the border together. Once, over there we will check into our perspective hotel and explore the food or neighborhood scene. Later in the day, we will enjoy the brewery establishments and night life along avenida revolucion. SATURDAY: We take a bus down to rosarito and explore the area and depending on the group mood, we will make a drop by either puerto nuevo or popotla or both to check out the lobster and seafood market scene on the beach. Popotla is a real local staple and still a kept secret. (Hint: Part of Titanic was filmed here) Later in the day, we will explore the fun activities of Rosaritos beach scene and eventually hope back onto the bus and head back to tijuana to rest up or explore another forbidden scene of Tijuana. SUNDAY: We will explore the sunday mass and check out the flea market and pick up any souvenirs we may have missed. This time around, we will visit the beach along the border wall and enjoy the moment. The second half of the day will be for you to gather all the experience you had in the past two days of Mexico and find the courage to explore it at your pace. Monday: A quick bite of breakfast and back to the border we go, across back to the states. We make our way yet again back onto the trolley and down to the terminal we go. Explore the port area and eventually if we decide we can actually walk all the way back to the airport. It's actually not that far. IMPORTANT INFO: Flights: $[masked] round trip 👍 August 30, 2019 Depart from either San jose/Oakland or San Francisco via southwest at anytime and meet at San Diego Airport around 2pm... September 2, 2019 Depart from San Diego Airport between 3-7pm and be back to home by 5-9 pm. Rest and never talk about this trip again until we meet up again for beer. Hotel: $90-150 for 3 nights. Cheaper if we share! Here are the ones I recommend: 1. Hotel Caesars 2. AirBnB via any place near hotel caesar. Food: $200 1. This includes 2 extravagant meal (lobsters + crab feast + drinks) $100 per person n includes tip. 2. $100 bucks to splurge on beer and etc for night life Transportation: $30 bucks Enjoy budget: $800...humble Living life: $1000...work hard/play hard Baller status: $1200...king n queens YOLO: $1500...IDGAF If you are looking for a cheaper flight...I recommend taking the flight on Saturday instead of Friday. You will lose about 1 day of fun but save about $200 dollars (flight n hotel). I can text you on the details to get to the border...Its really that easy. Just make sure to get there early because it will take about an hours time to meet up with us at our perspective location. ***This trip is meant to be a all around exploration of Tijuana and its relative city. That means we will be checking all the various section of the city to give you a better idea of Tijuana and what makes it the perfect* quick cheap get away. ***There will be several opportunities for you to explore on your own if you wish at any given time during our exploration. Just give me and the group a heads up about the time you will reconnect with us again so this way, no one is frantically panicking about a lost individual.

  • Camping Labor Day Weekend: Big Pine Lakes!!! Fishing, Glaciers, Roaring Rivers

    First of all, . .Big Pine Lakes is an amazing hidden gem. The water is a crazy hue. The Minarets rising above are stunning. There are amazing places on the way there and nearby as side trips. Such as the Anceint Bristlecone Forest, Mansanar, Alabama Hills, Fossil Falls or Red Rock Canyon (Cantil). There is no fee to enter compared to National Parks like Sequoia ($35 per car) Even with that: You don't see trips often to Big Pine Lakes. This is because area is only open from May to October. The snow is thick even into May and in Oct the nights are below freezing. With such a small window sites are super hard to get. Especially for holiday weekends. AND WE HAVE A GROUP SITE FOR LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!!!!! Our site is amazing. Tons of conveniences. There is a small cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a small general store with a few necessities for if you need them. Many of the sites have electrical at the site or close by. Same goes for water. Restrooms are close. Space for cars, and an overflow lots near. Best of all . . . There is a Fish Pond!!!!! Stocked with trout. You can even catch dinner. The fish pond is free!!! For fishing you will need to buy (AND HAVE WITH YOU) a fishing licence before you go. They do rent poles at the general store and have bait too. Tons of shade from mature pines for many of the sites We are steps away from the trail-head AND steps away from the roaring glacier fed Big Pine Creek. Drive Time to the site from LA is less time than it takes to get to sites in Sequoia. The site is located at 7,800 ft so it's cooler. For Sequoia is super hot this time of year. For example Canyon View Campground in Kings Canyon/Sequoia is at 4500 ft or so. Super toasty!! After payment is received you will be added to the carpool matrix. The complected matrix will be sent out as it is updated. You only need the basics of camping gear. You will revive a packing and equipment list recommendations . Food: People have soooooooo many specialized diet. It is not feasible to provide food. There will be plenty of sharing. Plenty of fire-rings each with a grill. Rough Itinerary/Schedule Leave LA when you can. Arrive at the campsite as late as you wish. Friday 2:00 PM is the earliest you may arrive. People are still arriving at midnight. The road to the site is not winding. So it's no prob for late. Fri Eve will be Potluck and DrinkLuck. As people arrive they will share and enjoy. Sat AM Hike to Big Pine Lakes. Yes. This trail does allow dogs https://calitrails.com/2014/05/29/hiking-the-north-fork-of-big-pine There are options: Option 1: Lakes 1, 2, & 3. Lake three is the crazy blue one and the one most go there for. 9.2 mi out and back. 3000 ft elevation change. 5 hrs https://modernhiker.com/hike/hiking-the-north-fork-of-big-pine-creek/ Option 2: The "lollipop loop" to Lakes 1 - 3, and 4, 5, and Black Lake. 14.3 mi round trip, 3,400 6 to 8 hours. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/big-pine-lakes-trail Other Options 3: Continue to to Lake 6 and 7 (this will a very early start) OR After Third Lake, go Sam Mack Meadow to Palisades Glacier. Sunday: Either go back up to Big Pine Lakes OR . . . Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest https://hikingguy.com/hiking-trails/best-la-hikes/ancient-bristlecone-pine-forest-hike/ https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/904989489/ancient-bristlecone-pine-forest/?hl=en On Monday for the ride home Schat's Bakery Mansanar Alabama Hills Fossil Falls Of course this is all mix and match and flexible. Cost for this adventure? Three nights/Four Days on a Holiday Weekend in an AMAZING place Fishing/FIshpond, Cafe, roaring river and AMAZING ALPINE LAKES $95 for for 1 https://www.paypal.me/IWantToDoThat/95 $90 per for 2 https://www.paypal.me/IWantToDoThat/180 $85 per for 3 https://www.paypal.me/IWantToDoThat/255 Venmo is @IWantToDoThat Dogs OK. Kids OK. Under 18 is 1/2 cost Event is rain or shine. Refunds given if request is prior to 2 weeks before the start time.

  • Labor Day Weekend: Grand Canyon Rim To Rim (R2R) OR Camping at Mather

    Yes. It's almost Christmas and New Years and who is thinking of Labor Day Weekend You are. It's time to give yourself a gift AND to fulfill your New Years Resolution AND to get this off your bucket list. This is a multi-faceted event going to The Grand Canyon with several options. Option 1: (the hard version) Rim to Rim with Camping at Mather OR Hiking to The River from the South Rim and back. Option 2: Camping at Mather with smaller hikes and only partial canyon (the easy version) Option 3: Staying at Grand Canyon hotels and spending the time seeing the sights and the vista points and interpretative centers. (The easy easy version. Or the "tour" type version) We have a group site secured at The Rim (called Mather Campground). And we have the site for Fri, Sat, and Sunday eve. You can spend 1, 2 or 3 nights there depending upon when you can arrive and when you need to depart (if you have the Monday off or not). RSVP here if you are interested in Option 1, 2 or 3. Option 1 will be an R2R if there are enough who want to. It takes several to do it safety. If there are not enough to do Rim to Rim we will either do a touch-back hike to the river via the main trails or a night at the river with a permit at Hermit Rapids. Grand Canyon is about the same elevation change and pitch as Whitney so a one day is very doable. And logically better due to issues unique to Grand Canyon and temperature changes as you descend into and out of the canyon. Timing and preparation is very important. This doable and you will be guided and led to stay and maintain safety. Option 2 is a great way to have a weekend away and have moderate hiking that matches your fitness level. Option 3 is for those who prefer a bed and wish to have a more easy time of it. COSTS: Option 1: (R2R or River) $180 Option 2: (Mather Only) $120 Option 3: Price will vary based upon when hotel is booked, and if single our double occupancy. You pay only actual costs. Hotels go up as dates get closer. Message for details Event is limited to 20 Max of Option 1 and 2 combined. A wait list will start once filled. And this will indeed fill!!! Terms: Payment is the only way to secure your spot. Secure your spot now!!! Payment is Fully Refundable up to 3 weeks before the event. Under 3 weeks and credit given for future event. And efforts will be made at a replacement from the wait-list. If a person fills your place before the trip leaves you will be refunded instead of a credit. Option 1: https://paypal.me/ExposedCalifornia/180 Option 2: https://paypal.me/ExposedCalifornia/120 Option 3: Message for hotel options GETTING THERE: Will do Carpool matching as best as possible.

  • Meetup on The Orient Express Paris, Venice, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul!!

    San Francisco International Airport

    Meetup on The Orient Express!!!! The Autumn Edition. The Orient Express, . . . you have heard it many times. The romance, the mystery, the adventure!! Of course with the opulence too! This trip brings back the romance and adventure of train travel, along with the mystery of new cities and countries. Brought back in a special way; adding value and removing inflated expense of excessive opulence by replacing it with service and contemporary refinement. The journey will mirror elements of the original Orient Express route and go from Paris to Istanbul. You will visit Paris, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Istanbul. The trip starts in Paris and has a full two days there. Also staying two full days in Vienna, 1 3/4 days in Budapest, with full days in Venice, Prague, and Istanbul. Included Guided Tours in each city, with at least one meal a day and a wine tasting also included! Included additionally are many other options and extras. We travel as a group, and also have the flexibility of hop-on, hop-off tours and museum passes with "skip the line" option so you enjoy a complete independence. You are free to do your own thing, cater to your special interests, visit other sights and locations in the cities. You can do it independently, or you can join new friends traveling with you, and do it together. The idea is come alone, meet new like-minded people and make lifelong memories...without being stuck with the "one size fits all" tour formula. Here is a basic thumbnail: ** Paris for two full days. * Night Train Paris to Venice **Venice for a full day * Night Train Venice to Vienna **Vienna for two full days * Night Train Vienna to Prague ** Prague for a full day * Night Train Prague to Budapest ** Budapest for two (almost full) days * Late flight Budapest to Istanbul ** Istanbul for full day. * Hotels nights in Paris, Vienna, Budapest and Istanbul What was The Orient Express? The Orient Express was long-distance passenger train service that began in 1883 with the original endpoints being Paris to Istanbul. In Istanbul the Pera Palace Hotel was built in 1892 as the accommodations at the terminus. And we are staying in it!!! Although the original name became synonymous with intrigue and was a showcase of luxury with comfort at a time when traveling was still rough and dangerous. The route changed many times, and was eventually shortened to Bucharest, then later shortened to Budapest as the endpoint. And again shortened to either Venice or Vienna. By 2007 The Orient Express was only Paris to Strasbourg, and in 2009 stopped service altogether. With the train cars being updated all along they way too. So the real Orient Express is but a memory. There is a price for opulent luxury, . . . and we are not paying it. With this trip, we visit more cities, with guided tours included in each, a meal a day, as well as all transfers and hotels with concierge quality service. Give in to the lure of the rails with adventure, tempered with value resulting in memories of a lifetime. EVERY aspect of this trip is epic. Visit picturesque and storied cities. Enjoy four night trains and experience the enchantment of the rails. We are even staying in the original destination of Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul with it's grandeur and opulence. All the details are taken care of so all you have to do is join in & revel in the magic of all the places we are traveling to. In the end you will have visited 6 countries: France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey! Includes: all trains all accommodations all train cabins all transfers guided tours in each city a meal a day and more The only way to secure your spot is a $500 deposit. Fully refundable to 90 days before the event. Final payment due 60 days before $500 deposit plus the $2,790 final payment = $3,290 total cost. Limited capacity of 24 total. This trip will fill up extremely quickly. Eight spots already filled. Live the adventure instead of only dreaming it !!!

  • Shaina McCoy: A Family Affair — opening reception

    Ever Gold [Projects]

    Opening reception: September 7, 5-8 pm Exhibition dates: September 7 – October 26, 2019 Ever Gold [Projects] presents A Family Affair, the gallery’s first solo exhibition with Minneapolis-based artist Shaina McCoy. The exhibition features McCoy’s newest series of portrait paintings, which offer a constellation of tenderness and reverence based on the photographic archive of a black American family. Within this collection, she traces her own family heritage using a signature style of thick, glossy brush strokes and almost featureless faces. Each painting is based on a photograph from the McCoy family album and is rendered with bold and affectionate gestures. McCoy’s technique, through firmly influenced by the traditions of Impressionism, has a unique capacity to hover over the precipice of familiarity and anonymity; she gives her audience just enough information for a spark of recognition, be it a face, a shirt, or a room, while also withholding the bristling realism that we are so accustomed to in our increasingly high-definition world. Her images function more like memories or afterimages than documentation. The usual requisite sentimentality of such personal work is reserved, even concealed, by the lack of recognizable facial features, which are perhaps only hinted at with a particular swoosh this way or that. McCoy’s style of portraiture, at once gooey and flat, rejects a paradigm of artificial facial recognition, one in which our cherished images of loved ones are played back as automated, premade slideshow templates set to generic stock music. Instead, what she offers is both an honest record of a specific family and a relatable surface for the memories of others—a placeholder where one can project their own faded, idealized, or troubled visions of relatives posing, eating, and gathering across generations. In the current moment, the threshold between private and public identity is blurrier than ever and our relationship to the preservation and ownership of our own images is constantly being contested. If social media platforms capitalize on our archival impulses and our use of image-making for the construction of social identities, then it is a precarious contract between the needs of the user and those of the corporations who manage, distribute, and ultimately control their circulation. In A Family Affair, McCoy has taken up the task of rerouting the power dynamic of this situation and has taken the act of photographic remembrance and identification into her own hands. What she has unearthed is a map for finding our way back to ourselves. Shaina McCoy (b. 1993, Minneapolis, MN) began painting while studying at the Perpich Center for Arts Education (Golden Valley, MN) in 2012. She attended Normandale Community College from[masked], and graduated with an Associate of Arts from Minneapolis Community and Technical College in 2018. Her work has been included in group exhibitions at Ever Gold [Projects] (San Francisco, CA), Gildar Gallery (Denver, CO), Art4Shelter (Minneapolis, MN), PLOT (Minneapolis, MN), and City Wide Artists Gallery (Minneapolis, MN). McCoy lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • 8-day Yellowstone Meditation Retreat at the General Motors Family Ranch

    September is Self-Care month. In the spirit of the season, make your”SELF” a priority. ⛰Join me for a rejuvenating 8-day retreat. Under the vast open fall colors of Yellowstone Park, Montana, take time to go within, so you can bring your best SELF back to work 🍂 ⭐ Salient features ⭐ • Complete soul & body rejuvenation with meditation, yoga, breath work, hikes, massage & spiritual chit-chat • At the General Motors founders' ranch on the edge of Yellowstone National Park • They are very selective about who they invite to teach at their private ranch • Subsidized by a grant, this all-inclusive retreat costs than than room rent at the ranch • Fall colors are stunning this time of year • Fabulous array of indoor/outdoor activities led by experts • Two day-trips to Yellowstone National Park • Unique Family Member option which includes outdoor activities so your loved ones can tag along • Cozy cabins and fireplace 👍 Registration & details www.findwith.in/montana.php 🎗Jay Chodagam🎗 Meditation teacher, TEDx speaker, producer of Peace in the Park festival and SPIRIT Summit conference and host for the Wise Leader retreats. While getting his master’s degree in Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, Jay came to the realization that a life of fulfillment trumps a life of achievement. Since then, he has been traveling around the world to help people develop SQ (spiritual quotient), to live happy and fulfilling lives, to become successful human BEINGS instead of human doings. His guided meditations have over 500,0000 listens worldwide. He has been invited to speak at Google, McKinsey and Gap Inc., and at universities including Stanford.

  • Music Festival - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass - SF Golden Gate Park

    Hardly Strictly Bluegrass: A FREE gathering in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco featuring over 100 musical artists on 7 stages. The event goes on longer before and after the set time. When the event host arrives they will post their location in the comments. IF you look in the comments and don't see . . .Congratulations!!! You got there before the host. No problem. Find a nice spot and post where you are and how to recognize you AND the time you are posting (meetup does not time stamp well). The first hub will form where you are. And more will happen as the event goes. The event host will get there and either make one more or make the existing one the main spot. Arrive early or stay later alone or with other members as the mood suits you individually. http://www.hardlystrictlybluegrass.com/splash/

  • TRANSFORMATIVE TRIP TO INDIA - Golden Triangle: Delhi, Taj Mahal, Jaipur

    San Francisco International Airport

    This is a trip of LIFETIME which is aimed at your success in all areas of life.... HEALTH, WEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS & HAPPINESS. I took it 2 years ago and I had a truly transforming experience! Now I would like to share it with friends and likeminded people. This is an unique all-inclusive land tour which takes you to the most exotic locations of India like Taj Mahal, Delhi & Jaipur, but it also will help you discover the secrets of a successful life and how to master your mind to achieve your goal. A trip full of life, joy, positivity, meditation, enjoyment, excitement, high vibration, beautiful destinations and...the secret of success. What you'll Get: * Tour to the charismatic Golden Triangle i.e. Delhi, Taj Mahal, Jaipur * 6-night stay in 5 star hotels with modern facilities * Daily Lavish Buffet Breakfast at hotels * Fresh & Lip-Smacking delectable variety of Indian cuisine at Lunch & dinner. * Travel by comfortable, safe, modern, air conditioned transport. * Entry tickets to all monuments to avoid standing in long lines * Experienced, Knowledgeable, Friendly English speaking guides. * An amazing Elephant Ride in Jaipur. * Fulfilled Cycle rickshaw ride in the local bazaars in Delhi. * Daily meditation Sessions to relax your mind and remove all the stress. * Daily workshops & special sessions to secret success mantra. *** The meditation & Transformative sessions are not related to any religion or spirituality. The transformative sessions establish right level of thinking & actions that guarantee success. What you'll Discover: * Apply the money rules the rich and successful people use to accelerate their wealth. * Understand how - and why - people are programmed for success, mediocrity, or failure. * Reset your "Financial Blueprint" to a higher level of wealth and achievement. * Master how to improve your relationships & health * Learn how to eliminate stress & anxiety through meditation. Price per person $1199 if sharing a room. If you don't have a travel buddy, we offer share match. Single supplement $399. Airfare is not included, but I do have contracted fares. Message for a quote.

  • Let's make Thailand 2019 happen!

    San Francisco International Airport

    Great! Now that I have your attention...read on. Every year we make a resolution to ourselves, whether that resolution is met is up to you and yourself. No one knows you better than yourself. For me, one of my resolution that I made was to promise myself that I would travel to a new country every year and to that, I set aside a small change in a jar and by that date...I would have enough to make it happen. Traveling does not have to be luxurious because those material things are not what makes the travel experience. Sure its nice to sleep on 1500 thread count pillow with silk sheets but I would be be lying to myself I did not secretly wish for those thing. Those things are not important to experience a rich culture. What I want to remember are the details of the lady who sold me her home cook street food, the smile of the locals, the broken language between two individual trying to understand each other through smiles and high fives. The lost in translation, not the fancy 3 star restaurants but the hole in the wall where the locals are slurping up delicious noodles. Where the street floors smells of stench...yup, you are in the heart of the action. Every country has its up and down but its is all of those that together make up for an more immersive travel. This trips is asking for 2 weeks of your time...of those 14 days, 5 days are weekend, 2 days Thanksgiving and the remaining 8 days are vacation that you are using. Yup...you are only using 8 days of your vacation for a 14 day trip. TRIP DATE: November 16-30, 2019 *Important: You can book your a day earlier and a day after the posted date if you choose so you can enjoy an extra day of rest or just explore. Bangkok: Friday – Saturday: Nov:15-16 - San Francisco to Bangkok via FLIGHT - Hotel check-in - Rest as much as you need or just walk a bit to enjoy the surrounding - Khao San Rd night life (Explore at your own pace) Sunday: Nov 17 - Temple Exploration of 3 palace temple - Chatuchak weekend market - Khao San Rd night life (Explore at your own pace) Monday: Nov. 18 - Chinatown exploration - Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market - Khao San Rd night life (Explore at your own pace) Tuesday: Nov. 19 - FREE OPTION DAY - (1) Ayutthaya Temple (floating market within vicinity) - (2) Bridge on River Kwai and Thailand-Burma Railway Tour - (3) Floating Market from Bangkok Wednesday: Nov. 20 - Day time exploration of downtown Bangkok - Bangkok to Chiang Mai via TRAIN in the evening Thursday: Nov. 21 - Hotel check-in - Temple Exploration w/dialogue between monk n you - More Temple exploration or take a break per individual - Night Life (Explore at your own pace Friday: Nov. 22 - Elephant Sanctuary Park - Night life (Explore at your own pace) Saturday: Nov. 23 - Thai Cooking Class - Night Market @ Old Pagoda by Wua Lai Road Sunday: Nov. 24 - FREE OPTION DAY - (1) Zipline through forest - (2) Paddle down river on bamboo raft - (3) Cliff Jumping @Chiang Mai Grand Canyon - (4) Massage @women’s correction facility - (5) Pilgrim’s Path to Wat Pha Lat Temple - (6) Paint elephant for a cause @Elephant Parade Land - (7) Boxing Match - (8) Bua Thong Waterfalls - (9) Huay Kaew Waterfalls Monday: Nov. 25 - Chiang Mai to Phuket via FLIGHT - Hotel check-in - Lunch w/game plan - Area Exploration Tuesday: Nov. 26 - Old Phuket Town - Monkey Hill - 3D illusion museum - Night Market - Night Life (Explore at your own pace) Wednesday: Nov. 27 - Area Exploration - Beach Life - Night Life (Explore at your own pace) Thursday: Nov. 28 - FREE OPTION DAY - (1) Phi Phi Island - (2) Phang Nga - (3) Similan Island - (4) unknown - (5) unknown Friday: Nov. 29 - Beach Life or FREE OPTION DAY #2 Saturday: Nov. 30 - Phuket to Bangkok via FLIGHT - Bangkok to SFO via Flight - SAFE TRIP HOME Estimated Trip Cost: Flight: $[masked] Tourist Attraction: $300 Lodging: $[masked] (co-sharing or not) Meal: $200 Extra: $300 Budget: $1600 Comfort: $2000 No Worries: $2500