Pitch with Extreme Confidence: The Pitch Hacking Workshop with Tom Marcoux

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Igniter: Stanford Entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley Founders
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What does it take to Pitch with Extreme Confidence?

This workshop gives you both the new skills and opportunities to practice them. Extreme Confidence does NOT merely come from knowledge of your text or focus area. People who pitch are often afraid because they do not know how to handle their mind going blank or an investor’s toughest question. They’re afraid of being embarrassed. Have you ever given a pitch and merely hoped that you would get through it without messing up? Just imagine having the Extreme Confidence to know that you can handle something—anything—going wrong.

It’s about learning what seizes attention and how to handle tough questions that build a real connection with the investors. It may seem that you’re talking to a group. But you’re talking to individual investors. They watch for how your body language and vocal tonality show that you’re on edge. Confidence is contagious. You express confidence, and the investors are confident in you—and you gain your funding. It’s all about creating trust. Focus on how you say the words and how you move your body.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

· Experience Real Confidence
· Seize the Investors’ Attention
· Answer Tough Questions with Poise
· Let Go of Fear and Nervousness
· Use Confident Body Language
· Handle Tough Moments (even if your mind goes blank)

Tom Marcoux, Pitch Coach and Spoken Word Strategist, saw such big mistakes made by a series of people giving pitches (in private sessions in front of investors) that he was inspired to write two books: “Darkest Secrets of Making a Pitch for Film and Television” and “Soar with Confidence: Pitch—Lead—Succeed.”
Using his unique background as a trained feature film director, actor and screenwriter, Marcoux gives his clients an edge. How? He improvises and does role-playing, portraying an investor asking the toughest questions. Similar to film directing, Marcoux provides direction so his clients seize attention and guide investors the say YES to funding projects. As the founder of PitchPowerFest.com, Marcoux also serves as an Executive Coach with a practice built on his 41 BOOKS, sales in 15 countries. Guest lecturer training MBA students at STANFORD UNIVERSITY and feature film director, Marcoux knows how to TELL STORIES and make Your Brand Stand Out. He won a special award at the EMMYS, and he directed a feature film that went to CANNES FILM MARKET.


Marcoux authored Connect, now in its 16th Anniversary edition. As a CEO, Marcoux leads teams in United Kingdom, India and the USA. Professional speaker and 15-year member of the National Speakers Association, Marcoux guides clients and audiences (Linkedin, IBM, Sun MicroSystems, etc.) in leadership, team-building, power time management and branding. The San Francisco Examiner designated Marcoux as “The Personal Branding Instructor.”

See Marcoux’s Popular BLOGS: PitchPowerFest.com and InstaMaxPro.com Tom Marcoux Gets Results:

* “Tom Marcoux coached me to get more done in 10 days than other coaches in 2 years.” – Brad Carlson, CEO of MindStrong LLC

* “Tom Marcoux has been an NAB Conference favorite [speaker] for six years. And he is very energetic.” – John Marino, Vice President, National Association of Broadcasters, Washington, D.C.

* “He taught us a lot of interesting techniques, like how to handle emotion, how to handle stress, fear, and anxiety. How to get stuff done more efficiently. I really appreciate his work, and we would love to have him come back and talk to us again.” – Hailin Wu, PhD, LinkedIn Corporation

We are proudly hosted at ZGC Innovation Center

ZGC Innovation Center, located at 4500 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA., is in a unique position to bring together the best of east and west worlds. ZGC focus on various businesses that will bring tremendous value to both US and China. Its core business includes fund investment & directly investment, incubation service and cross-border mergers & acquisitions service. Through creation of an ecosystem to incubate startup companies, ZGC connects Chinese and US companies to cross border markets, bring together angel and venture investors, and gather public and private network support, all in one location. This center has the significance that it is going to be the first stop for many Chinese entrepreneurs, crossborder executives and corporate and government delegations coming to study what Silicon Valley has to offer.

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