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The AI craze across industries is primarily focused on driving profit, and technology develops faster than the debate to ensure it is used safely and to create a positive impact on society.

To overcome that, we want to inspire engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs to create impactful AI projects in all areas and we give them technical insights on how to achieve this ambitious goal.

We will be talking about AI ethics, bias, education, health, nutrition and medicine, AI in democracy and more.

Our events will enable you to network, meet amazing people in the Machine Learning community, and keep up with the latest innovations.

Oh, and of course, there will be free beer and pizza!

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Impactful AI - Mental Health Matters

Rise London

At Logikk we feel passionate about mental health, putting the well-being of our employees before profit, with a 4-day work week and a monthly well-being allowance. We want to explore how Artificial Intelligence is contributing to the developments being made in how we nurture, protect and treat our mental health.

In line with Mental Health Awareness Week, our first event since the pandemic will focus on Mental Health within AI; speakers will present recent advancements, insights and products paving the way in this space, hoping to raise awareness and encourage open and empathetic environments.

More information about the 3 speakers is on it's way so keep your eyes peeled!

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Impactful AI - 4th Meetup


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