What we're about

Sign-up on our Venture Management System at www.IncBuilders.club, find resources (co-founders, developers, investors, lawyers, etc.) for your project or help out someone else's project.

We are roll up our sleeves, no excuse, less talk more walk doers. We are a community of like minded individuals. We like Tech ventures but we are open to a good idea in any industry ....Make us your place of worship if entrepreneurship is your religion, hang out with us if you have a specific skill set that can help an entrepreneur, be our partner if you are an established business that wants to provide essential services, and above all...come talk to us if you know someone who knows someone who knows that one specific someone.

Our goal is to create a community of entrepreneurs with ideas, collaborators with skills, and professional service providers that come together to realize beautiful dreams, build wealth, be engines of growth in society, and along the way, create lifelong friendships.

IncBuilders (IncB), for now, is an exclusive Chicago community whose goal is to help out an entrepreneur in whichever way possible. IncB will try to provide all support services (PM, BA, CTO, Marketing, legal and tax guidance, code school, etc.) so an entrepreneur can focus on developing his/her business. So if your idea is still on a piece of paper or you have hundreds of employees, if you have a specific skill set that can help an entrepreneur or you are a service provider, come join our community, as many times, it's not only what you know but also who you know !

Check out http://incbuilders.club for more information...

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