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It's time for another set of Indie Game Dev mini "talks", this time in a new location and a new take on the format. We'll be presenting inside the Microsoft Store at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto.

Since we'll be presenting in a store full of consumers, rather than the usual open invite to rant on any subject we want to hear about YOUR GAME(S)!

Want to do a post mortem on your recent release? Talk about an upcoming game/expansion/update and your thoughts behind the why/how you made it? Do you want to share the story of a complicated bug you found and fixed, or how much you learned from that one playtest? Something else you want to get off your chest related to Indie Game Development?

If you have an idea of what you might want to talk about, we want to hear it! Send an email to Tobiah Zarlez ( TobiahZ at Microsoft )


Nick Klingensmith - Playdeck Project: Building a Game a Week for a Year

Making a game in a week is a tricky task, but with the right tools and processes, it becomes a much more feasible task. Check out a few of the projects I've completed so far, and hear about the toolchain I use to make them happen!

Austin Osueke - VR Comics: First Look

First look to experience reading comics and manga in Virtual Reality. Austin Osueke, the developer, will discuss the technology and vision of experiencing comics and manga in Virtual Reality.

Jedd Goble - Tap to Jump.

Jedd will share a little about what he has learned from observing people playing his games on mobile, with the common thread of input/control challenges associated with touch screens.

Alex - Spy DNA: a new kind of combat sim RPG

Our small team of two is working on a game where genetically enhanced super-spies face off organized crime and rogue governments in a tale of international intrigue. Our aim is to preserve the approachable user experience of a turn-based game, while running complex combat simulation "under the hood." In this talk, Alex will explain how we solve the problem of creating a player-friendly game-play without sacrificing any of the underlying complexity in Spy DNA. Read more on (

We will fit in as many speakers as we can. If we can't fit you in this talk, we can always schedule you for another month!

We currently have no plans for food at the event, however there are many food options within the Stanford Shopping Center.