What we're about

Indie Game Jams is a group dedicated to providing developers with a shared work space to actually put hours into their video game projects in a shared setting. This is simply a fun work session with friends, drinks, and pizza.

Most of us will have unrelated projects, but this group is founded on the idea there is joy in solidarity in an otherwise (at times) isolating craft.

All skill levels are welcome so long as you have a game you can work on. We are not focused on talks or presentations, but instead are focused on actual working time. The ideal meetup format is this:

1) Gather and spend 30 to 60 minutes setting up and getting ready/letting people filter in.

2) Spend 30-90 seconds describing what you are currently working on. Consider this a sort of "scrum meeting". That means short and brisk. Your first meetup, or when starting a new project feel free to spend 5 minutes talking about your game if you like.

NOTE: If you've just finished a major milestone and want to actually present something just let us know ahead of time and we'll replace the scrum with your presentation. One or two presentations max per meeting, we want to keep it down to 15 minutes.

3) Spin up some music, begin working. During this time feel free to test your game with other developers in the room, chat about ideas, or pop on some headphones and jam some code/art/music and get some shit done. There is no format, this is actually meant to be a relaxed atmosphere and work space.

Since meetups may go for several hours, it's totally okay to want to take a break and play a party game here or there as well (Towerfall, Duck Game, Samurai Gunn for example, or any of your own games too!)

Join us on slack! (https://www.meetup.com/Indie-Game-Jams-Bay-Area/messages/boards/thread/51340594)

Note: This group is not dedicated to the formation of teams. It is largely for existing teams or individual developers to come and work on existing projects. With that in mind, there is a thread in our forums to facilitate group formation (https://www.meetup.com/Indie-Game-Jams-Bay-Area/messages/boards/thread/51340589).

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