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Interested in learning more about the future of digital, media and content marketing in Indonesia? Jakarta Content Marketing Meetup is a series of free bi-monthly events brought to you by GetCRAFT, Indonesia's premier content marketing platform, where we invite the leading figures from Indonesia's media, agency and marketing scene to talk about where they see the industry heading!

For more insights on digital, media, and content marketing in Indonesia, download our White Papers:

• Indonesia Native Advertising and Influencer Marketing Report 2018 (http://getcraft.com/academy/2017/10/31/indonesia-native-advertising-influencer-marketing-report-2018/?utm_source=JCMM)

• Indonesia's Digital and Content Marketing Report in 2017 (http://getcraft.com/academy/2017/08/29/indonesias-digital-and-content-marketing-report-in-2017/?utm_source=JCMM)

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