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What we’re about

Here's the one explicit reason why it pays to join Influence Others:

You Gain by Understanding Your Brain

And this is a great time to jump aboard because:

More has been discovered about the human brain in the last ten years than in ALL of human history.

But those advances also present founding teams with an unavoidable  stark choice:

[Learn, Adapt, Profit] OR [Fall Fatally Behind]


It turns out many neuroscience findings are not only fascinating, but readily applicable to the two distinct skill sets crucial for every startup team’s success in the commercial marketplace:

·  Mechanics of communicating with confidence, conviction and credibility

·  Traction – the triumvirate of attracting, acquiring and retaining customers

The Influence Others meetup filters those recent discoveries, presenting the ones pertinent to the sales and marketing challenges startups typically face.

By attending you'll gain from better understanding how the brain’s decision making actually machinery works.

Specifically, you’ll learn to take advantage of what science teaches is the optimal approach to communicating persuasively and you'll pick up several immediately useful science-based tips on earning market traction. 


Imagine if you could offer your product to customers or to pitch your company to investors so they, on their own accord and before you spoke your first word, were influenced to buy into your vision because of techniques you used; and equally important, because of those you avoided.

That astounding claim is true because the anatomically modern human brain is hard-wired by millions of years of evolution to scan for certain signals it much prefers over others. Such built-in biases are among the recent discoveries about how we influence each other.

Indeed, with multiple disciplines focusing simultaneously on the human brain, more has been discovered about that singular organ in the last decade than in ALL previous history.

As a result, we’re in a propitious position of witnessing the birth of a radically counter-intuitive model of how neural processes motivate our behavior, both as individuals and in groups.

Taking insights from such well-regarded books as Thinking, Fast and Slow (Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman), Influence: Science and Practice (Robert B. Cialdini), and Start with Why (Simon Sinek), the sessions apply those findings to typical communication challenges entrepreneurs face such as:

·  Explaining the startup’s business model so it interests investors and attracts team members

·  Designing marketing material and a home page that encourages engagement

By joining Influence Others you’ll learn that influencing others is no longer the art it was for centuries, but instead persuasion is emerging as a science, making it a skill you can readily acquire.

Even more, the fastest way to come up to speed on is to volunteer in the meetup and help prepare the next session. If that's interesting to you, then contact Nathan Schor 305.632.1368 .

Instructor – After graduating Boston College (Summa Cum Laude in Philosophy and Psychology) Nathan Schor began his IT career as a database programmer. Preferring conversation over code, he evolved into sales, accumulating over three decades of experience, including deploying CRM applications in hundreds of businesses across a wide range of sizes and sectors. 

About ten years ago he stated noticing more and more discoveries in neural science having a direct bearing on influencing people. Tracking those breakthroughs, he found several of them useful in improving his own technique. He created the Influence Others meetup to chronicle those findings and share his insights.

Encouraged by the positive reviews the sessions earned, Nathan founded the Resource Center for Scientific Marketing to expose a wider audience the discoveries coming out of neural science labs applicable to the sales and marketing challenges startup teams face.