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For those who wonder about life and different aspects within it. Especially those who love to explore ideas. The topics can span a range, and the broad focus of Initial Curiosity is talking about various things casually through the lens of Philosophy, Politics, Spirituality and/or Music. It is intended to be based on other groups I used to or currently attend in subject matter and/or format such as Socrates Cafe Society (mostly) and to a lesser extent (but also) Denver Stoics. There's more groups that could be named as well. My plan is to meet the first and third Saturday every month. Some meetings I will choose the subject, while others the first attendee to have one will.

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The only thing we have to fear…

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“ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Donna, an Initial Curiosity member, will give some introductory information about how this above quote is relevant to each individual and their level of development. How this quote is not just in our past but relevant to current, everyday life. Then the plan is to converse about this, which can include questions.

Surprise Chat (Surprise topic)

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An open ended spontaneous conversation, preferably about one or more ideas you're curious about. No topics planned ahead of time or at the beginning, just spontaneous.

The Big Bang Theory: Our Absurdity

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This is based on something the late Terence McKenna said, but here’s what I say:
In the beginning: Boooooooooooooooom, then existence of all, thereafter, eventually occurs. Yet most scientists and/or mathematicians calculate it’s an extremely rare likelihood. Meaning that we, within existence itself, can be described as absurd. We can talk about if you agree, disagree, what your thoughts are. Join, or don’t join, the absurdity that is Anton to express our, ridiculousness?

JoIn Or NoT, iT’s AbSuRdItY

🍷 and 💨 welcome

Topic anyone? Be it Music, Philosophical, Spiritual and/or Political

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The plan is for an attendee to pick a topic for today prior to the meeting. A topic within the view of (meaning not necessarily exclusive to) philosophy, music, spirituality or political. If philosophical I prefer a casual approach over an academic focus. It can even be a topic related to/similar to one I’ve previously posted. If no topic is selected prior, we can talk at the beginning and I'll choose one the day of (whether it's my own or someone else's).

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