What we're about

Intermingled Cambridge is an experiment in creating connections.

We’re going to host a regular evening session for anyone in the city who wants to get better connected.

We’re not looking to connect people based on a specific shared belief, hobby or interest. We’d like to foster connections that reach across boundaries so that we get inspired by our similarities and our differences.

We’ll try different formats on different evenings. We’re aiming to create a safe shared space that can allow people to connect in sometimes playful, sometimes serious ways.

Although we’re going to be spontaneous, we do have some relevant credentials for hosting this. We’ve run the Unhurried Cambridge group for over five years, and our lives include a mix of facilitation, coaching, science and theatre.

Upcoming events (1)

2: Hello Again

The Grafton Centre

"It was amazing. It's wonderful how people can connect, share and enjoy a great time without having met before" "It was a really good event. I was more happy and positive after it that I had been for a while." Intermingled Cambridge is an experiment in creating connections. We’d like to foster connections for people in and around Cambridge who might not otherwise meet each other. We'll use a variety of activities to do this. There'll be no long speeches or awkward small talk over drinks. Think of it as the antidote to most networking events. Don't worry, we won't be asking you to wear leotards or carry logs over a river. All the activities will be voluntary so if one is not your cup of tea, you can just observe from the sidelines. There is some risk of having fun and making some interesting discoveries about yourself and the other people coming along.

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1: Hello Hello

The Grafton Centre

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