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Ascension Within Channel Class
ASCENSION WITHIN CHANNELING CLASS Monday November 26,[masked]pm – 9pm $25 per class early signup fee though my website ($35 at the door) 420 Mahoney, Mesa, Arizona 85210 Are you ready to jump start your intuition! *Learn the principles of Channeling, Guidance, Energy Healing and connection to your Higher Self *Channeling calibrates and attunes your physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies of light to higher frequencies giving you back your access to your Angels, Guides and Family of Light. *Channeling takes many forms – written messages from Angels, Inspiration from your Higher Self, Direct Voice Channeling with your Guides and Family of Light *Brings clarity, direction, connections to your Soul Self, receive Divine messages, clear and enhance your energetic field. *Diamond Light Activations to reach your Angels, Guides and Family of Light. *Chakra and Auric Field enhancements through Sacred Geometry & Frequency *Open your communication lines to your Angels, Guides and Family of Light * Learn to clear layers of blockages in your energetic field *Receive attunements - specifically tuned to your frequency *Discern your messages *Expand your light in a safe and loving environment Tami Kieffer is a Universal Energy Channel assisting in restoring vibrational frequencies within the Light body, Earth & Universal Fields of Light through Sacred Geometrical codes within the Universe and Angelic Realms. Payment due in advance can be paid at PLEASE NOTE: We have several members of our group that are EXTREMELY sensitive to ALL fragrances. We ask you to please refrain from using fragrances including perfume, aftershave and essential oils during meetings.

Soul Center Project

420 W Mahoney Ave · Mesa, AZ


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Are you intuitive and just haven't realized how much? Would you like to be psychic? Do you have some intuitive or empathic ability, but don't know how to develop/control it? Would you like to explore and learn more about living with empathic emotions? Are you skilled in spiritual realms and want to help others to grow?

If you answered yes to any of these questions...our "Spiritual Enhancement: Living Intuitively" Meetup is just for you!

We will cover all topics of: High Energy Meditation and Acceleration, Smudging, Reiki,, Divination: Cards, Runes, Pendulums, etc., Channeling, Ascension work, Breathwork, Chakras & Auras, Enhancing ESP abilities, Higher Dimensions, Remote Viewing, Healing Properties of Stones and Gems, Psychic Reading, Munay-ki and Shaman techniques, Afterlife, Mediumship, Spirit Guides, Angels, Aromatherapy, SRC Qi Gong Therapies, Tachyon, Electromagnetics, Medical Intuitive and many more subjects.

Our meetups include class instruction, exercises, discussions, key speakers, practice and meditation!

As you gather with those who have like minded vibrational energy, your own skills are magnified and refined in the process. If that doesn't catch you, this is a terrific group of people who meet to support and strengthen one another.

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