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Open Channeling for healing, questions and answers
Come commune with advanced spiritual beings through a channeled question and answer session. If you have a question or need assistance with your daily living, relationships, psychic abilities, past lives, and/or a beautiful healing session to a direct area, you will enjoy this enlightening evening. The meetup is limited to 8 participants at a time, so be sure to register early. ​ Each participant will receive a specific area healing session as well as given deep insights into a question they have in an 8-10 minute session. The sessions will be held in a Crystal Healing Chamber where the energies of healing and Spirit interaction are so very strong that just sitting in the chamber will assist in healing and transformation in a very profound way. There is so much to be gained in an evening like this. You will also find the questions that others present usually educate and uplift your own life. As each person's energetic Spirit Team is brought into the room, you'll experience all kinds of shifts and wonder. ​ It is a magical evening like nothing else you have ever experienced. $44 PREPAY is required to save your place. Click here for Prepayment:

Tachyon Chamber Phoenix

3230 W. Rapalo Road · Phoenix, az


What we're about

Are you intuitive and just haven't realized how much? Would you like to be psychic? Do you have some intuitive or empathic ability, but don't know how to develop/control it? Would you like to explore and learn more about living with empathic emotions? Are you skilled in spiritual realms and want to help others to grow?

If you answered yes to any of these questions...our "Spiritual Enhancement: Living Intuitively" Meetup is just for you!

We will cover all topics of: High Energy Meditation and Acceleration, Smudging, Reiki,, Divination: Cards, Runes, Pendulums, etc., Channeling, Ascension work, Breathwork, Chakras & Auras, Enhancing ESP abilities, Higher Dimensions, Remote Viewing, Healing Properties of Stones and Gems, Psychic Reading, Munay-ki and Shaman techniques, Afterlife, Mediumship, Spirit Guides, Angels, Aromatherapy, SRC Qi Gong Therapies, Tachyon, Electromagnetics, Medical Intuitive and many more subjects.

Our meetups include class instruction, exercises, discussions, key speakers, practice and meditation!

As you gather with those who have like minded vibrational energy, your own skills are magnified and refined in the process. If that doesn't catch you, this is a terrific group of people who meet to support and strengthen one another.

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