IoT Lightning Talks

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IoT Lightning Talks

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We are looking for a couple more people to present 10 - 15 minute lightning talks on IoT subjects.

Please reach out to Ryan Diebel and Alex Glaser if interested. Thanks.

Bio:Dan Walkes is a software/firmware engineer with a background in embedded and IoT software and hardware development. He owns Trellis-Logic (, which provides Embedded and IoT project development services.

Abstract:Dan Walkes will discuss considerations for performing secure and reliable device software updates on devices. This will include a discussion of software open source projects which can help with device updates as well as his Secure Device Update ( library which supports secure device update via Bluetooth BLE.

Bio:Jeff is passionate about connected devices. Before joining Glow Labs, Jeff was the lead project manager and programmer for luxury home automation systems that were installed across North America. At Glow Labs, he uses his strong technical knowledge and communication skills to help clients select the best technologies to develop their IoT products.

Subject: Wireless IoT Protocols.There are dozens of competing wireless protocols to get IoT devices online. The three most important factors for selecting a protocol are range, power draw, and adoption rate in your target market. Jeff will go through all of the major wireless IoT protocols and break down the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Bio: Alvaro is international book writing author for business and manufacturing improvement processes. Alvaro's experience in product development and new product introduction processes includes leading teams around the world launching more than eighty products successfully in his career. He also owns four patents in security and communication products. He is an expert in Product Design and Innovation Methodologies. Finally, he is a certified engineer Toyota Production System Lean Manufacturing Leader and authority in Production Line Design & Material Management Systems.

Subject: Dos and Don'ts of the PRD (Product Requirement Document). Alvaro’s new company Phase2Partners has developed a quick assessment tool to make sure that all the elements of a new product are cristal clear and specified in a product. A challenging subject but that all the community of entrepreneurs and innovators should know and understand.

Bio:Rishabh is an Electrical Engineer, who is finishing his Masters in Embedded Systems from CU Boulder. He has been very passionate about IoT and has cofounded an IoT based startup called 'informu'. He loves building tangible products which serve both form and function. He also interned at SparkFun Electronics in Niwot as an IoT intern.

Topic:I would talk about the inception of IoT, and why is it NOT just the Hyped up tech which will soon fade out. I will also talk about connectivity protocols in IoT and weigh them against each other. In the end of the talk I would love to discuss the future of IoT and security concerns.

Bio: Sasi Movva is the founder and CEO of Goally( He has over 20 years of technology development and leadership experience in developing software for various things ranging from websites to mobile chipsets.

Abstract for my talk - Platforms beat products every time, but most IoT solutions are products that are easy to replicate and hard to maintain a competitive advantage with. Sasi will be using case studies to talk about different types of IoT platforms and provide a framework that entrepreneurs and engineers can use to think about how to build platforms for their next IOT Startup.