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Two Presentations: Serverless AI Services - Container orchestration tools on AWS

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Bu etkinliğimizde;
"Serverless AI Services from AWS: Lex, Polly and Rekognition" ve
"Deploying Applications to Production-Grade Container orchestration tools on AWS" başlıklı 40'ar dakikalık iki Türkçe sunumumuz olacak.

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20:15 - 21:00 Sunum

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*Serverless AI Services from AWS: Lex, Polly and Rekognition*

Nowadays AI is all the rage. But it is not easy to use AI if you don't know where to start. Amazon AI Services make it easy to integrate serverless AI services to your apps. In this talk, we will see how can we use Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and Amazon Rekognition easily.

Presenter: Ceyhun ÖZGÜN

Ceyhun ÖZGÜN is working at Cybersoft ( as Cloud Architect and responsible from architecting cloud based infrastructure for Java web apps using Docker and Kubernetes.

He has deep experience in every stage of software development and passion for CPU architectures, OS internals and performance.
He remembers the times that you had to switch the 80286 CPU to the protected mode before using the 32 bit instructions, and he is happy for not being forced to run MOUSE.COM program to be able to use the mouse anymore.

He is interested in AWS right now and blogging about AWS services at his blog (previous blog


*Deploying Application to Production-Grade Container orchestration tools on AWS*

“Containers” allow us to standardise the environment and abstract away the specifics of the underlying operating system and hardware. Similarly, “container orchestration” allows us not to think about what server will host containers or it manages how containers can be started, monitored, scaled, and killed in particular time. When deploying containers on AWS, selecting “container orchestration tool” is a major point to run an application. It is kind of interface that you will interact with when you want to launch an application, or query the state of an application, or shut an application down. AWS offers two fully managed orchestration tools which are ECS and EKS.

Ahmet will first start talking about technical depths of ECS. He will explain how to manage ECS cluster with EC2 and Fargate options and how to deploy app to ECS cluster with task definitions/service. Then, he will continue to explain features of EKS (fully managed Kubernetes cluster) which is announced in reinvent 2017. Finally, he will have demo to deploy an application to ECS cluster with terraform.

Ahmet is currently Senior Devops Engineer and working at Siemens.
He has an almost 5 years experience in System & Network Infrastructure and Cloud technologies. Prior to Siemens, he has worked in Nokia and Opsgenie as a DevOps engineer. He has got BS degree from Bilkent University in 2013.
He is mainly working in Reliable Cloud Infrastructures & Container solutions. He is one of the main contributer by creating AWS infrastructure & setting up deployment environment of Mindsphere product( in Siemens.