What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in Italian food, wine, travel, culture and meeting new people with same interests. It is fun to cook together while drinking good wine and enjoy the food we created in a fun, casual and relaxed atmosphere. It is not necessary to have any culinary skills and may be, at the end of a Meetup, you will be able to make one of your favorite Italian dish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started this group because I love food, good wines, friends outside my regular job (personal chef) and I like to have fun and laugh cooking and sipping wine without the stress of working always under pressure.

I created also an elite group, that is growing every day, of VIP members for their loyalty, help with the events, great cooking, personality, courtesy and now friendship. With the VIP status they will be always welcome to an event ( waiting list or not), they will not have to prepay for an event , more hors d'ouvres, preferred seating (at the dinner table), bigger portions, bigger pours of wine.......and I have also created a new status besides VIP. It is a step up, it is not a vice president or senior or any of this company cr..... I am honored to present the " MAFIOSO or MAFIOSA" status. The Mafioso( boy) or Mafiosa ( girl) is for outstanding achievement in the bringing the event on another level. The new status since April 2014 is "CLASSY" and I don't think it needs much of an explanation. The benefits to be " CLASSY" are .....just to be treated as a Queen or a King. In 2015 I introduced " Carbonaro" ( From omonimus pasta) and Pizzettaro or Pizzettara for achievements in making original Carbonara and Pizza Napoletana .

Ciao, Valerio

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