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This is a group for anyone interested in Italian food, wine, travel, culture and meeting new people with same interests. It is fun to cook together while drinking good wine and enjoy the food we created in a fun, casual and relaxed atmosphere. It is not necessary to have any culinary skills and may be, at the end of a Meetup, you will be able to make one of your favorite Italian dish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started this group because I love food, good wines, friends outside my regular job (personal chef) and I like to have fun and laugh cooking and sipping wine without the stress of working always under pressure. Now, I also do dinners, wine tastings, cooking classes at my house in lafayette.

Since 4 years, I started to bring some of you in adventurous "detouristing" small group trips to the west coast of Tuscany. The trips are intimate, personal, fascinating, adventurous and fun!!!!!!!!!.You will be part of Italy, not visiting it. I will be there for you every day making sure you experience the meaning, customs, traditions, food, wine, as I do every time in this part of Tuscany.

Some of the activities of these trips are, besides site seen unknown part of Tuscany including islands, hiking, kayaking, boating, fishing, wine tastings, mushrooms hunting, cooking together, hot springs bathing, snorkeling. Come with me and explore!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao, Valerio

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Cooking together is back!!!! (NOT A COOKING CLASS).
Let's make dinner together having fun, sipping wine and if you are interested in learning here and there, you will have plenty of opportunities to do so. This is not a cooking class but a cooperation and a team effort to make our dinner awesome. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO HELP CLEANING AND PUTTING UTENSILS, POTS, PANS, ETC...AWAY. Do you just want to look and have dinner? It is totally fine for me. We will be seating INSIDE and I will provide everything, from FOOD, WINE GLASSES, tables, chairs, flatware, plates, table linens and YOU WILL BRING A BOTTLE OF WINE TO SHARE. PLEASE, DON'T BRING WHITE WINE IF YOU DRINK RED.........

The cost is $ 57.00 per person including everything and PREPAYMENT IS REQUIRED at moment of signing.
NEW POLICY : please, don't rsvp and not pay , you will be removed from the list . NO EXCEPTIONS!! ( If you are removed, you can always pay and get back in)

For payments, go to my website www.lvitaly.com and click on Paypal or on the cc logo at the bottom of every page. Enter 57 on the item price ( no $ symbol) if you have a paypal account just send the $ 57.00 to [masked] or if YOU DON'T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT, click on pay with debit or credit card, enter your info.

Cancellation Policy

If the cancellation is in within 48 hours from the dinner date, you will forfeit the cost of the dinner ( $ 57.00).
If the cancellation occurs prior the 48 hours from the dinner date, you will have a credit with me and be able to use it for any other event I will make.

The dinner will be at my home in Lafayette and I will email the address later to the attendees.

By attending, you agree to hold harmless and release all host / venues from any liability including COVID 19 RELATED ISSUES. Please behave in a responsible/appropriate manner while attending the wine tasting.

Wine menu not in order of tasting

Dinner menu

Grilled lettuce with Gorgonzola sauce and balsamic reduction

Original from Roma Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Saute' mussels with San Marzano filets , touch of japanese curry over grilled country bread

Hot dark chocolate souffle with Amaretto wipped cream

Ciao, Valerio Castellano

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