What we're about

Because Meetup sucks and apparently a lot of people didn't get the 2023 Annual Email from me, here is a link to a google doc of that email for all to read: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MN1Vs4gPeUfZ9wMXpXAOmj_84s9gIeBK9XaH_doCUYY/edit?usp=sharing

This is a group for anyone that loves to adventure outdoors and wants to do it with other people, even if they are complete strangers. If you like to hike, camp, raft, ski, board, travel and other activities this is THE group for you. If you're only looking for happy hours, this isn't the group for you, this is NOT a singles group. We plan happy hours now and then to get the members of the group together in social settings to discuss future adventures - some good plans can be made over a beer or two. And all good adventures end with a drink!
It's better with someone else...
It's better with beer/drinks...
It's Better Outdoors...
Come join us!

Please make sure to read the Waiver (General Release of Liability). By joining the group you accept the policy decribed here: 

Note: this is NOT a beginners group and events are typically geared towards those with some experience usually at an intermediate or advanced level depending on the event - ie: we don't hike slow and don't do short hikes

Please make sure you also read the 'What is expected of you' as described here:

Joining the group also means you're ok with being photographed during adventures - we always take pics: for the memories and for promotion of future events (we can't always accommodate a 'no photo' request)

This is a real meetup group, this is NOT a business nor am I promoting a business and I do not promote businesses. If you see an event posted that means that I will be there to meet you, greet you, do the activity with you and have a drink with you during or afterwards. We are also not a networking group and do not tolerate solicitation of members.

We welcome anyone between the ages of 21-91 of any gender, race or nationality. But please email the event organizer first if you want to bring a dog...sometimes they are ok and sometimes not.

Our motto is : "We don't talk quietly, hike slowly, go to bed early or only have just one drink"

Other important information:
Process Should an issue arise during an event: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FBfABUk5UJSAkWnlF41F3PiZFSLUsp7FcNwM2GXY084/edit?usp=sharing

Payment Instructions:

General Refund Policy:

How to make sure your email settings are correct:

Car Pooling Guidelines:

Upcoming events (4+)

FULL Drinks on the Moshulu!

the Moshulo shore club

Come out for, hopefully, a nice summer type day where we can get drinks and hang out on the deck of the 'tallest and oldest 4 masted ship still on the water'.

This is a great time to talk upcoming events like camping, hiking, backpacking in the summer and fall and the ski trips that are now posted for this coming ski season!
Make sure to check the meetup calendar (in the desktop/web browser version), not all events get an email blast notification sent out and the app doesn't have the calendar view (I've been asking for this for a while now)

Happy Hour goes from 4-6 so get there early for a cheaper drink
Happy Hour specials TBA

but let's hope we have a nice night

I will post comments when I arrive as to where we are hanging out at
they don't know we're coming (because they haven't responded to me), so we are just going to show up and take over the deck :)
as we do

see you on board!

LONG Bike Ride (Valley Forge series #5) - 50 miles

Lloyd Hall Recreation Center

I've got a goal of biking to and around Valley Forge again and this time I'm going to do it earlier in the year

As usual, we'll meet outside the bathrooms of Lloyd Hall along the river and boathouse row, then ride along the river

We ride at about 12 miles and hour - you need to be able to keep up or get yourself home

This is a 5 part series as we warm up to the long long ride
#1 - 16 miles
#2 - 20 miles
#3 - 30 miles
#4 - 42 miles (To Valley Forge and back)
#5 - 50 miles (to and then around Valley Forge)
one or two of these may take us off the SRT for a change of pace/scenery

You can do all or part of the series, you don't have to make it to Valley Forge if you don't want to, but I'm doing it, so I hope at least some will join me in the full long ride

other easier rides to come in the summer

Weekly Night Hike - Manayunk Staircase Challenge

Regal UA Main Street


  • Hey IBO - Let's meetup once a week somewhere in or near Philly and hike for two or two and a half hours covering five to seven miles!
  • We rotate using the Wissahickon, Kelly Drive, MLK Drive, West and East Fairmount Park (including the famed Boxer's Trail), trails in Bala Cynwyd, Gladwyne, along with mixing in hikes through parts of the city once a month.
  • This isn't a grueling hike series all the time, but it's not for beginners who aren't physically active. We keep a good 3.5mph (for flat city walking) and 3mph (hills/elevation) pace. That's your judgment point or point of reference. You must keep up with us. How do you know your speed? Go outside or jump on a treadmill (at home or at the gym). If you can do a minute in 17-20 minutes and keep that up for 2 to 3 hours with just a few short (1-2 minute) breaks, you're fine. Otherwise, this isn't the hike series for you.


  • No guests – everyone must join IBO (for communication purposes). Meetup is free and so is our group.

THIS WEEK'S HIKE - 7 Miles | 900 Feet of Elevation | Obstacles

  • Who's ready for a vertical hiking challenge and to start burning that fat for swimsuit season ?
  • Join us for a roughly 7 mile tough hike where we will go UP all 15 staircases that connect the neighborhoods of Manayunk and Roxborough. This hike is tough. We will keep a good pace throughout but let's be honest - 15 staircases is a lot. We will pause at the top of each one for people to catch their breath a bit - but then we'll scurry to the next one at a good clip. You must be prepared to try to do all of this and to keep up with us. You can't sign up thinking you'll just do a bit of it. Nope - all or nothing folks!
  • This is a good cardio workout. About staircase 6 or 7 you're body will be like - um - are you done yet? By #11 you'll be fine and ready to conquer more. Adding in the walk up Lyceum Avenue (known locally as the Manayunk Wall from the decades of the international bicycling championship that was held in Philly) as a final "stretch" of the legs on our way back to the starting point.


  • After the hike we will head over to a nearby place for food/drink. Exact place TBD
  • Feel free to bring a beer for before the hike.


  • Good hiking boots/shoes or sneakers (something you're okay getting dirty, muddy, wet, dusty, etc. - depending on conditions)
  • Water (24-48 oz)
  • Appropriate clothing (layers people, layers)
  • Beer or drink for before the hike (if you want to)
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen and/or bug spray
  • Anything else you'll need

As always, I’ll send out a reminder the day of and if we need to change nights because of severe weather I will give everyone 2-3 days notice as much as possible. DM me with any questions.




  • Health and Safety are your own responsibility! Please follow local, state, and federal government regulations regarding health and safety that are in place.


  • KEEP YOUR RSVPs UP TO DATE PLEASE. Multiple no-shows and/or constantly signing up for and dropping out of events will get your removed from or banned from the group.


Whitewater Challengers


EVENT IS NOW FULL, A waitlist is avilable

I've heard some members say that camping always fills up so fast. And it's always the same people that get in first. And so many miss out since most camping events have to be capped.

I heard it! So I'm going to do a camping event ONLY FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NOT CAMPED WITH IBO BEFORE
and this is still limited to 30 (may be able to raise that but depends on the campground - they will be busy that weekend) - the first 30 to pay!

Yes, that is right...you may NOT come if you've been camping with IBO before.
No. Nope. Ain't gonna happen. Don't ask.

cost is $15 per person
venmo: @Gary-Kiefer
paypal: [masked]
please make sure to select 'send to friends/family' NOT 'pay for goods/services'
refunds available for any reason up to May 24, after that someone needs to take your spot for you to get a refund - and remember, not just anyone can take your spot - only someone that hasn't camped with us before
Only payment secures your spot no matter when you RSVP
please note: RAIN OR SHINE (no refunds for cancellation due to rain)

We'll get to the campsite, set up, then go hiking...probably a good long hike like 8 miles, before returning to the campsite to cook and drink around the fire
and play Sunday morning by ear - TBD

We'll be staying at the Whitewater Challengers basecamp. Usually they don't let people just camp there without rafting but they know me well so they are going to allow it. It's a great place for us since they allow alcohol, it's close to good hiking, there are restrooms and showers on site and they will have entertainment there that night.

This will be car camping, which means your car will be a short walking distance from your tent
There are bathrooms and showers on sight
you will need your own gear - you should have a tent, sleeping bag, food and beverages at the minimum. Then you'll probably want some sort of sleeping pad, the ground is hard and a sleeping bag is not enough, pillow, cooler for food/drink, cookware. Or you could hammock camp. Refillable water containers are a good idea - you'll have to walk for water refills. If there is a chance of rain, you'll want tarps and/or canopies - I'll have a canopy just in case and a few tarps.
If you haven't camped before and have questions, please comment or email me.

We will plan for a pot luck dinner saturday after the hike and before the entertainment at the campground starts....yes, there's entertainment there. It's going to be a busy weekend at the campground and there'll be lots of other people there (this is not the norm for us but it's the only weekend I could do this)
Pot Luck means everyone bring enough for maybe 6-10 people. Don't bring enough to feed everyone - that's wayyyyyy toooo much. But if everyone brings something, then there'll be plenty.
We'll have a few fire pits available for anyone that wants to make a hot contribution - you can cook over the fire on grates if you want, or bring a camping stove. Whichever you prefer. I like to use the fire.

Alcohol is allowed so bring what you want.

no guests allowed - everyone that signs up must be a registered IBO member (it's not hard and it's free, just do it)