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This is a group for anyone that loves to adventure outdoors and wants to do it with other people, even if they are complete strangers. If you like to hike, camp, raft, ski, board, travel and other activities this is a group for you. If you're only looking for happy hours, this isn't the group for you, but we DO do happy hours now and then to get the members of the group together in social settings to discuss future adventures - some good plans can be made over a beer or two. And all good adventures end with a drink!

It's better with someone else...

It's better with beer/drinks...

Come join us!

Please make sure to read the Waiver (General Release of Liability) - joining the group accepts the policy: https://www.meetup.com/Its-better-Outdoors/... (https://www.meetup.com/Its-better-Outdoors/pages/)

This is a real meetup group, this is NOT a business nor am I promoting a business and I do not promote businesses. If you see an event posted that means that I will be there to meet you, greet you, do the activity with you and have a drink with you during or afterwards.

Our motto: "We don't talk quietly, hike slowly, go to bed early or only have just one drink"

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Hike St Peters Village to Hopewell furnace loop (~12 miles)

St Peter's Village and Hiking Trails

Health and Safety are your own responsibility! I don't make people wear masks so only come if you're comfortable with that. But make sure to bring a mask for when we're at the bakery. This is a limited capacity event so NO SHOWS* may be removed from the group - please make sure you know your plans before RSVPing. Saint Peters Village is a cute community located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The village is a historic 19th century industrial 'company village' at the Falls of French Creek in Warwick Township. The village is located in the Hopewell Big Woods. The town is located in a narrow ravine along French Creek. Not too far from French Creek State Park...but we won't be in the state park for our hike...we'll hike the local trails starting in the Village and going to Hopewell furnace and back, stopping to play in the water now and then and getting some food and drink afterwards. Please arrive by 10:45 ...expect us to start hiking by 11 EXPECT TO HIKE about 12 miles (actual distance will vary depending on what trails we end up taking but will shoot to keep it in that range and about 5 hours total) Food and drinks on the deck of the bakery afterwards (sorry, no beer here). BYO drinks if you want to drink by the river just behind the deck :) WILL CANCEL IN EVENT OF RAIN *NO SHOW is defined as not changing your RSVP if you decide not to come or otherwise letting me know that you're not going to be there BEFORE Saturday evening. Why? Because I limit the space available so if you change your RSVP Sunday morning you just wasted a space that someone else could have taken. Just make a decision before the last 12 hours and you're good.

Bike ride along the SRT to Conshy Brewery (22 miles RT)

Lloyd Hall Recreation Center

Health and Safety are your own responsibility! I don't make people wear masks for outdoor events so only come if you're comfortable with that but please have masks for ordering at the brewery Weeknight ride! 11 miles to the Conshohocken Brewery along the SRT. We'll ride to the brewery and grab a drink or two and maybe some snacks before riding back. Social Distancing guidelines apply so we should plan to stand somewhere, probably not getting seats. Meet at the bathrooms at Lloyd Hall at 6:15, riding by 6:30. It should be about an hour to get to the brewery, but they close at 8 so don't be late or we'll have less time to drink there. This will be a medium but social pace...like 12-14 miles an hour. so we're not racing there but we can't poke around either. Helmets are at your own discretion (you're responsible for your own safety) A portion of this ride will be on gravel trails and boardwalk planks so not generally good for road bikes with thin tires We will cancel in event of rain Bring a headlight and/or bike light as we will probably finish in the dark

Bring Your Own Tube tubing the Delaware River

Prallsville Mills

Health and Safety are your own responsibility! I don't make people wear masks for outside events so only come if you're comfortable with that (We'll do what social distancing we can, it's easy on the water, and maybe wear masks for the carpools) "Bring Your Own Tube" Tubing day! We'll coordinate car pools via google doc (to be sent out) and have everyone meet at The Prallsville Mills* (or nearby - TBD) Once we decide on our take out spot, we divide up the cars and take half the cars (and all the people) up the road a few miles to the Byram Boat launch where we'll leave the cars and put our tubes in. Depending on river speed we should be on the water 2-3 hours but if it's moving fast we can stop along the way on the river bank to just hang out and drink to extend it a little bit. to bring: sunscreen, water...lots of water and if someone has a rubber football that would be fun too and water guns and of course alcohol...this is our own trip, no outfitter, which means we can bring whatever we want. So bring beer, liquor, vaps, etc... ✔Just remember you may have to drive after we're done. I have a cooler tube but it probably won't fit everyone's stuff so if anyone has an extra tube for a cooler that would be good or maybe just a small cooler that could float on it's own attached to the tube - if that's possible. it also works well to use Nalgene bottles and clip them onto the tube to let them chill in the water while you float. Make sure to hydrate before, during and after Let's meet at 10am at 33 Risler Street, Stockton, NJ (may be updated) tubes: this is what I have, I have yet to try it so I can't vouch for it: https://www.amazon.com/Intex-River-Lounge-Inflatable-Diameter/dp/B000PEOMC8/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=intex+tube&qid=1592835459&sr=8-1 Hopefully it's durable enough to reuse and not just a one time use but even if I do only get one use out of it, it's like the same cost as tubing with an outfitter - as long as it doesn't deflate mid-trip. lol here's another tube option: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Intex-River-Run-53-in-Red-1-Inflatable-Floating-Water-Pool-Tube-Lake-Raft-4-Pack-4-x-56825EP/310625268?mtc=Shopping-B-F_Brand-G-Multi-NA-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-Catchall_PLA&cm_mmc=Shopping-B-F_Brand-G-Multi-NA-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-Catchall_PLA-71700000014585962-58700001236285396-92700010802552436&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0Mb3BRCaARIsAPSNGpVi6y_gDWadwUA0YDYsV2Cu65yBXRm7iT7jtAG_gf7_4O4RhT3e6CkaAk3VEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&fbclid=IwAR0PWHzpFuvtGrQhDQxacO94SSAqWrK-l2bBF2PjZxkvS_dYKBsbuj7xoDA or the best deal: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Intex-River-Run-Connect-Inflatable-Tube-4-Pack-and-Mega-Chill-II-Beverage-Pool-Float-4-x-58854EP-58821EP/310624927?fbclid=IwAR2-YiF4CPDp07CXr7kb_pARari3quuu0z7tdT5nuHyxnl-dImFyj2lJZMI

Mason-Dixon Trail Hike: Lock 12 to E Posey Road - 9.4 miles

Lock 12 Parking Lot

HEALTH AND SAFETY IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY! Currently capping this event at 25. NO SHOWS will be removed from the group - so please don't RSVP if you aren't going to make an effort to show up. No...I'm not making anyone wear a mask (I won't be) No...I'm not telling people to stay 6ft+ apart; but please try to Do what you feel safe doing Please do not come if you are feeling sick in anyway Join us for a 9.4 mile hike that has an elevation gain of 1,673 ft. It is an out and back hike but it is so varied that you will not get bored on the way back. It is considered one of the best trails in South Central PA. We will hopefully be able to start the hike on the rocks in the Susquehanna River. Unless they opened the dam we should be able to jump from rock to rock for circa 1 mile; this is so much fun! Will then hike along 2 beautiful streams with waterfalls, rhododendron and nice inclines. Will have switchbacks, nice long sections along the Susquehanna River and beautiful quiet parts where you can have Zen moments. Is also nice to look across the river at the Pinnacle, which is a great place to lunch when hiking over there. The Mason-Dixon Trail is a 195.9 mile footpath that connects the Appalachian Trail with the Brandywine Trail, passing through Gifford Pinchot State Park and White Clay Creek reserve in Pennsylvania and White Clay Creek State Park in Delaware. We’ll hike circa 4.7 miles of it. The parking lot is on your right, right after the going over the Susquehanna Bridge (when coming from Philadelphia). You’ll first see a small parking lot after turning off 372. Keep going to the larger parking lot. Look for a silver VW Passat. There is a great BBQ place 10 minutes from the parking lot. Those who want can eat ½ rack of ribs for less than $15. Afterwards the plan is to make a stop at the Victory Brewery in Parkesburg along route 372. They have a nice big tent set up in front of their main brewery.

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Trexler Border Trail Hike - 9 miles

Trexler Nature Preserve

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