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What we’re about

Here is the 2024 annual email for those that may not have received it or are new to the group and didn't get the email blast:

This is a group for anyone that loves to adventure outdoors and wants to do it with other people, even if they are complete strangers. If you like to hike, camp, raft, ski, board, travel and other activities this is THE group for you. If you're only looking for happy hours, this isn't the group for you, this is NOT a singles group. We plan happy hours now and then to get the members of the group together in social settings to discuss future adventures - some good plans can be made over a beer or two. And all good adventures end with a drink!
It's better with someone else...
It's better with beer/drinks...
It's Better Outdoors...
Come join us!

Our motto is : "We don't talk quietly, hike slowly, go to bed early or only have just one drink"

Please make sure to read the Waiver (General Release of Liability). By joining the group you accept the policy decribed here:

Note: this is NOT a beginners group and events are typically geared towards those with some experience usually at an intermediate or advanced level depending on the event - ie: we don't hike slow and don't do short hikes

Please make sure you also read the 'What is expected of you' as described here:

Joining the group also means you're ok with being photographed during adventures - we always take pics: for the memories and for promotion of future events (we can't always accommodate a 'no photo' request)

This is a real meetup group, this is NOT a business nor am I promoting a business and I do not promote businesses. If you see an event posted that means that I will be there to meet you, greet you, do the activity with you and have a drink with you during or afterwards. We are also not a networking group and do not tolerate solicitation of members.

We welcome anyone in their 20s - 50s of any gender, race or nationality. But please email the event organizer first if you want to bring a dog...sometimes they are ok and sometimes not.

Other important information:
Process Should an issue arise during an event:

Payment Instructions:

General Refund Policy:

How to make sure your email settings are correct:

Car Pooling Guidelines:

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