Fast by Default: A deep-dive into Gatsby's Performance Optimizations

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We are joining up a again with our friends at the NYC Web Performance Group and React Ladies for a great meetup about performance with Gatsby, a React framework for building websites and apps.

Session 1:

Gatsby utilizes, internalizes, and enables many performance techniques to make your application lightning fast.

You've certainly heard and used some of these: the PRPL pattern, prefetching content, intersection observers, and more all coalesce to deliver the rocking performance your users expect. In this talk, Dustin Schau will take a dive deep into the internals of Gatsby to understand just what Gatsby is doing and how we enable fast applications, by default.

We'll end with a brief section on practical advice and tools for proving that your application is, and more importantly remains, lightning fast.

Session 2:

Jason Lengstorf will live-code, building out a portfolio site with Gatsby, along the way demonstrating techniques around image optimization, srcset, traced SVG, and more.


Dustin Schau @schaudustin
A front-end developer specializing in all things JavaScript. I don't totally suck 👋 Software Engineer @gatsbyjs

Jason Lengstorf @jlengstorf
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