Meetup #33 - Machine learning (tensorflow.js) and Technical SEO 101 for JS devs

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JS Belgrade Meetup
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It's time for our 33rd meetup. This time we'll have our friends from IBM and Google talking about machine learning and technical SEO for developers, with following two presentations:

1. Serverless machine learning with tensorflow.js
2. Technical SEO 101 for JS developers


1. Serverless machine learning with tensorflow.js by James Thomas ( [talk, 30 minutes]

This talk will show how to use TensorFlow with serverless platforms to bring the benefits of serverless runtimes (elastic scalability, low pricing and no charge for idle) to the task of real-time machine learning in the cloud.

Attendees will learn why serverless platforms are great for machine learning in the cloud, understand the different approaches for deploying pre-trained models and learn how to architect scalable serverless functions when using TensorFlow.

Key issues covered will include loading TensorFlow libraries in serverless runtimes, tips on improving performance on cold and warm starts and how model scoring without a GPU affects throughput. Different methods for running TF models with serverless runtimes, including TensorFlow JS, will be compared and contrasted.

Developers do not need any prior experience with machine learning or serverless cloud platforms. This talk is applicable for all serverless developers interested in machine learning, rather than being restricted to a single platform or vendor.

James Thomas is a Developer Advocate for IBM’s Cloud division. James is a huge fan of all thing serverless! He spends his time speaking at conferences, blogging or writing open-source code to share the awesomeness of serverless cloud platforms. James is a committer on Apache OpenWhisk, the open-source serverless platform. He wrote (and maintains) the official JavaScript client library. He also created the OpenWhisk provider plugin for The Serverless Framework.

2. Technical SEO 101 for JS developers by Martin Splitt ( [talk, 30 minutes]

Building web apps is a great way to reach a vast number of people... but to do so, your web content should also be discoverable via search. In this talk we will dive into a few best practices and see how we can make sure our content can be found.

Martin is open source contributor and web evangelist by heart from Zurich
with a decade experience from the trenches of software engineering in multiple fields.

He works as a Webmasters Trends Analyst / Developer Advocate at Google for Search & web ecosystem.
He helps people building applications or publishing content on the web to be successful, productive and visible.

Martin believes in the web platform and is working with bleeding edge technologies that will allow the web to prosper.


This meetup will be in English and there's no live streaming.

RSVP is mandatory because we have limited number of seats.

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