What we're about

Jambo-Harlem/Hello Harlem is about bringing longterm residents and newly moved together to explore
the new spirit of Harlem and show the world what Harlem is about.

A lot of people are moving into the area around 145th between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. & Frederick Douglass Blvd.

While it used to be that people around our area knew each other well and greeted one another, new comers bring along the downtown anonymity.

To better know each other as well as in support of the many places that are coming up we will meet at restaurants, art events, or other spaces. We even did our own event before...

And with the help of Jambo-Harlem we can learn interesting details about each
others histories that we could otherwise only observe from a distance.

Let's influence what happens in our neighborhood. Get involved!

Sign up for this meet-up group so you can be invited and propose ideas.

Cheers and Jambo


ps: 'Jambo' means 'hello' in swahili and with that to 60million people in the world. Any relations to Harlem are coincidental.

'Jambo' just sounds soo good. :-)

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