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Welcome to the Jamstack Porto! Prepare for an exciting lineup of speakers in the areas of static site generation, the modern web ecosystem, web apps and web hosting and performance solutions.

The Jamstack is not about specific technologies. It's a new way of building websites and apps that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer experience. No rendering means greatly reduced attack surface area for malware, ultra-fast hosting on CDN, no debugging PHP or optimising rendertimes, and a super cheap way to scale your hosting.

Jamstack Porto is increasingly looking to power a larger part of tomorrow's internet!

The meetup is organized by the Marzee Labs (https://marzeelabs.org/) team. The team has been working with JAMstack related projects for a few years and is happy to contribute to this thriving local community.

We are always looking for incredible people experimenting with Jamstack to share their knowledge in the Porto meetup. If you have already built something using the JAMstack premise or if you have any other suggestion of talk, please fill in this form (https://forms.gle/rn1RuuQAkdhfWcSw8).

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Jamstack OPO meetup #19 | How can Strapi fit in your next project?

Needs a location

This month, we will be exploring how you can go from zero to one with headless CMS by building scalable, secure applications while keeping business people in mind and not sacrificing development experience with Paul Bratslavsky from Strapi 🤩

Bring your case studies and share knowledge in this wonderful talk!

#1 What is a headless CMS, when to use one, and how can Strapi fit in your next project?

In this talk, Paul wants to make a case for headless CMS, when to use one, and how it fits in your tech stack.

As well as the type of projects they are best suited for, share some case studies that outline some interesting use cases for Strapi.

There are many requirements for projects, but in many cases, they revolve around business people who need to bring their services or content to their users. Depending on the size of your team, time or budget invested, we need a solution that allows for excellent developer experience without recreating the wheel.

At the end of the talk, you will have to be able to decide when to use a headless CMS in your project, the benefits it can bring, and the challenges that you may encounter.

## About Paul Bratslavsky

Software Engineer turned Developer Advocate at Strapi. I love everything React and headless CMS.

"I love learning new things and sharing them with others when I am not working. During my free time on the weekends, I tutor a small group of students in programing fundamentals with Javascript and React. I find it very satisfying there is something about working with others in the community to build a project. You can also find me on my YouTube channel codingafterthirty, where I share my experience for anyone looking to switch careers late in their life into web development".

Twitter: @strapijs
Website: https://strapi.io/

Twitter: @codingthirty
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulbratslavsky


[18h30] Small introduction by Marzee
[19h00] What is a headless CMS, when to use one, and how can Strapi fit in your next project?
[20h00] Q&A

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Jamstack OPO meetup #18 | How to sell Jamstack!

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