Kryptografia kartowa dla java developerów

This is a past event

80 people went


We will do it in polish or english language depending of the audience.

Talk description:

This talk is for all java developers curious enough to take deep dive into cryptography world of payment transactions. I would like to briefly touch every aspect of the challenges that you may face during development for card transactions processing.

We will start with some basis of symmetric cryptography and key derivation algorithms in order to move to some real world example usages such as pin protection from the ATM to your bank where it is verified or the transaction processing when you want to book your flight or hotel online with your credit card.

In the mean time I will show you want is HSM, how the key ceremony look like or who are the key custodians. All will be nicely tight up with PA-DSS certification challenges that you cannot forget when you do a development for card industry.

No special cryptography knowledge is required however some math may appear on the slides. The one I can guarantee is that there will be a plenty of java examples during the presentation.

Marek Śmigielski:

I am system architect in Oberthur Technologies R&D responsible for the server side part of the Motion Code solution (dynamic cvv2 in the e-ink screen on the backend of the card).

During the last year I've beed highly exposed to cryptography in the card payment area and de facto standard security measures taken by payment industry such as HSMs,key ceremonies and PA/PCI-DSS certification process.

For more than 13 years I am actively developing and design system in java and java based languages like Groovy or Scala.