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Agile applications with OSGi: Fundamentals!

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PawelWlodarski and Milen D.


This is a first one of what would (hopefully one day) be a series of workshops demonstrating how to build agile (embracing changes) applications in Java on the solid foundation of OSGi framework. This over a decade old technology, who introduced µServices long before they became a buzzword is growing more and more powerful and it's now widely used in lots of IoT projects. During this workshop, you have an opportunity to experiment with OSGi's essential building blocks like bundles, µServices, service registry, configuration, ... and understand how they work together.

Forma : Warsztat

Prowadzi : Milen Dyankov (Senior Consultant at Liferay)

Miejsce : Cybercom
Cybercom Poland
Składowa 35 · Łódź
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