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Java User Group Łódź
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JUGtoberfest - beer,food and great presentations!!

WHERE : Piłsudskiego 135 Tektura BOHO


18:00-18:10 - Intro

18:15 - 19:15 "Choose Your Weapons" - Jan Pustelnik

Working in a fashion industry, which current development world has become, you are frequently faced with a choice of tools for building your software. Be not dazzled by the latest, most hyped framework currently trending in Social Media. In this talk, I will try to convince you that this is more like the choice of weapon that old Roman Gladiators faced than what to wear today.

19:15 - 19:30 - Technical discussions with beer

19:30 - 20:15 "Spring Framework 5 Themes and Trends" - Stéphane Nicoll

Preparing for the challenges of 2017 and beyond, Spring Framework 5 focuses on several key themes: in particular reactive web applications, Kotlin support, comprehensive support for JDK 9, and a general focus on lambda-oriented programmatic setup. This session introduces Spring Framework 5.0 and presents selected feature highlights as being introduced in the upcoming Spring Boot 2.0 release.

20:15 - 20:45 - Dinner

20:45 - 21:30 - "Continuous Deployment of Your Application" - Marcin Grzejszczak

I have stopped counting how many times I’ve done this from scratch” - was one of the responses to the tweet about starting the project called Spring Cloud Pipelines. Every company sets up a pipeline to take code from your source control, through unit testing and integration testing, to production from scratch. Every company creates some sort of automation to deploy its applications to servers. Enough is enough - time to automate that and focus on delivering business value.

In this presentation, we’ll go through the contents of the Spring Cloud Pipelines project. We’ll start a new project for which we’ll have a deployment pipeline set up in no time. We’ll deploy to Cloud Foundry and check if our application is backward compatible so that we can roll it back on production.

21:40 - 22:10 “We are all fullstack today, modern frontend architectures" - Krzysiek Kaczmarek

Review of modern trends in frontend architecture. What do adopt and what is to be avoided? What is causing sudden death of REST? Why ratio of creating new frameworks slower down to 3 per day? Very opinionated journey in frontend world - may contain some brackets and monads.

22:10 - ... - Afterparty - Beers and Food


"Tektura Boho : Piłsudskiego 135" , mapka : https://goo.gl/maps/UxGtK24nW5A2


Stéphane Nicoll

Spring Framework/Boot committer ( https://spring.io/team/snicoll )

Stéphane has a thing for code quality and robustness. He's been spreading the word for more than ten years while developing large scale Java enterprise applications in the geospatial, financial, or logistics sectors. An Apache Maven PMC member since 2006, he joined the core Spring Framework development team early 2014, being one of the main contributors to both Spring Framework and Spring Boot since. During his free time, he loves traveling around the world

Marcin Grzejszczak

Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal

Open source contributor (including Rest-assured, Moco, Mockito). Co-author of the Groovy @Builder AST, Micro Infra Spring and Accurest projects. Author of Uptodate Gradle plugin, Spock Subjects-Collaborators Extension, Gradle-Test-Profiler and JSONAssert open source projects. Co-founder of the Warsaw Groovy User Group and Warsaw Cloud Native Group. Author of Mockito books. Making Spring Cloud @Pivotal.

Jan Pustelnik

Principal Consultant & Technical Architect at GFT.

Mainly Scala & Java developer, also happily working with Go(lang), Python, C++, F# and Haskell. Academic teacher at the University of Lodz. Open Source fan, Akka project contributor (mainly akka-http). During his career he has designed, developed and supported various banking systems both for Retail as well as Investment banks, some of which moved real money in large volumes at high speeds. Very interested in how software works on low detail level and does not find big frameworks appealing.

Krzysiek Kaczmarek

Krzysztof works currently as software engineer in Tooploox and trainer in Symentis. He visited ridiculously big and small projects coming to conclusion - you can use any methods you want, as long as you hire best people and choose simplest way to accomplished your tasks. In spare time - kungfu instructor and author of really silly jokes.