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JS Meetup #26: Web Security for Developers - Talk & Workshop by Jaap Karan Singh
-- This is a FREE meetup and needs registration to attend -- About the presenter: Jaap Karan Singh from Secure Code Warrior, is a cyber-security startup based out of Sydney. They have a gamified platform that helps teach secure coding using practical, hands-on exercises. Jaap is a JavaScript developer who fell into security and absolutely loved it! Part 1: Talk: Tales of modern day data breaches - web security guide for developers Description: Despite increasing application security budgets, testing platforms and tools, the same security errors are routinely found in applications day after day, year after year. According to a 2018 industry report, 21% of data breaches were caused by a software vulnerability. This presentation will walk through recent data breaches such as the Facebook Access Token security breach that affected 90 million users. We will do a technical deep dive into the coding flaws that led to these breaches and what lessons they can teach developers. Part 2: Workshop: Are you a secure code warrior? This workshop will offer attendees a hands-on, gamified training environment where they compete against each other to become the ultimate ‘Secure Code Warrior’. Participants can first select from various software languages to compete in a tournament, including Java EE, Java Spring, C# MVC, C# WebForms, Ruby on Rails, Python Django and Node.Js. Attendees are then presented with three kinds of vulnerable code challenges: identify the problem, locate the insecure code, and fix the vulnerability. Elements such as published leaderboards and configurable point systems will make the exercise a fun, engaging and interactive experience. Attendees will: • Learn how to code securely and not introduce security issues in code. • Learn how to identify vulnerabilities in code. • Learn how to fix existing vulnerability in code. • Learn about the most common mistakes developers make in code, including the OWASP top 10 • Understand that there are different ways of coding securely, but that some solutions are actually better than others. Agenda: 10.00am - 10.15am - Welcome and Introduction to JavaScript Meetup 10.15am - 11.15am - Web Security guide to developers 11.15am - 11.30am - Tea break 11.30am - 12.30pm - Secure coding workshop (laptop required - group of 4) 12:30pm: Announcements & Wrap-up ----- Join our virtual channels to discuss with other Web Developers YouTube channel: Slack: Install Telegram app on your mobile and click below link to join

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