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Programming is fun! This meetup is for passionate developers for learning and sharing tips, experience and best practices in JavaScript and Web development.

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Hope you all are safe and healthy!

JavaScript Meetup is organising a mock interview drive for frontend developers in collaboration with TeamDevKode.
It’s going to be a 2 day event (26th and 27th June) where the target is to have 120+ mock interviews.

*According to our personal experience we can perform better if we think like an interviewer.

How it’s going to be:

1. Each participant has to take the interview and also has to give interview (I know you are getting confused but keep reading 😁)

2. First day of event 50% of participants will act as an interviewer and other half will act as a candidate. And vice-versa for the next day i.e. role will be swapped.

3. Allocation of your role will be random and will be decided by our team.

4. If A has taken your interview on Day 1, it doesn’t mean that next day you’ll be the interviewer of A.

5. Interview rounds will be max 60 min.

6. Standard questionnaire will be prepared and provided by our team so that we can evaluate everyone equally. The question stack will contain the actual interview questions asked by various companies.

7. It’s going to be a closed event and only the registered people will be allowed to join the event

8. Registration for this event will be on FCFS basis and link will be closed automatically once we reach the limit. Hence only register for the event if you are going to participate on both the days.

9. Backing out in last min will create consequences for you in the future events (we’re adding this to maintain the consistency in the event since it’s going to be a closed event)

Join our Discord : https://discord.gg/7XaP74J

Community Partner: https://t.me/teamdevkode

Event Sponsors: Enthire.co, Deepsource.io and Airmeet.com

If you are interested to give a talk.
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