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We are currently under hiatus due to the current circumstances.

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The basic idea here is to meet like minded people or more exactly, people that share appreciation for Jordan Peterson's ideas/values/way of thinking but also a hefty load of curiosity and eagerness to expand one's knowledge and enrich his views.

I had the idea of making this meetup as it is already happening in other countries. And I felt that there are a bunch of people here in Bucharest that could benefit from this and the talks and debates such a group can have.

Our topics are based on JP but the value of the meetup is our own experiences, ideas and way we see the world. This is an opportunity to share, learn and understand other people's point of view.

Each new meetup refines our working model bringing people and ideas together.

Some topics would cover: psychology, morality, religion, self-improvement, education and more

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*This group not affiliated, associated, authorized or endorsed by Dr Jordan B Peterson. Dr Peterson is not an organizer or member of this group. Please refer to https://jordanbpeterson.com/ for information on his talks, lectures and other works.

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Our 14th Jordan Peterson Bucharest meetup

Lente Arcului

Our 13th Jordan Peterson Bucharest meetup

Lente Arcului

Our 12th Jordan Peterson Bucharest meetup

Lente Arcului

Our 11th Jordan Peterson Bucharest meetup

Lente Arcului

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