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Okay so what exactly is small circle jujitsu and why should I care?

Small Circle Jujitsu is an American Form of Self Defense That has its origins in the traditional Jujitsu styles of Japan.

While the more common forms of "Brazilian jujitsu focus on ground fighting techniques, ...

Small circle is mainly stand-up oriented, designed for lightning fast submissions from finger or wrist grabs.

The system emphasizes mostly wrist, shoulder, and finger dislocations, followed by nerve attacks to the body once it is placed in a position of disadvantage, or subdued with pressure point striking.

As a result Small-circle Jujitsu Features Much More emphasis on Joint Dislocations, Immobilizations, and Tripping techniques for use against larger opponents.

The Small Circle System is built around 10 specialized principles that teach:

economy of movement,

efficiency of travel,

immobilizing the opponent quickly

and flowing smoothly from one technique to another
as the situation dictates.

The "Small Circle" is an allusion to both the manner in which the wrist and fingers are manipulated in most locks, and the movement utilized to break wrist/forearm grabs in self-defense.

It is exactly for these reasons why the Small Circle System is the most devastating and effective form of jujitsu for self-defense, especially for women, children and the elderly.

Small Circle Is Also Easily The Most Practical Jujitsu Style and perfectly fits within any other martial arts style you may practice.

Small Circle Jujitsu allows even a child to control and defend themselves against large attackers.

This action-packed meetup will give you a safe, exciting and fun-filled introduction to this powerfully effective Jujitsu Style.

Just like our Kali-Arnis-Escrima the system is easy to learn, fun to practice and has a flow that is unique among all the jujitsu styles making it perfect for fun and self-defense.

In fact, we will be incorporating a lot more of the Small Circle Theories Into our ongoing Kali-Arnis-Escrima get togethers

So now is perfect time to learn this style from San Diegos Only Recognized Small Circle Jujitsu Study Group.

I look forward to seeing you at our next big jujitsu party.

Your Loyal Friend and Small Circle Buddy

David Snyder

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