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First JuniorDev SG Social!

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Are you a Junior Developer or newbie in the Tech industry? Do you sometimes feel anxious about work or question your own abilities? Are you excited to be starting your career and want to celebrate your accomplishments with others? You are not alone!

With this Meetup group we hope to create a home for all things JuniorDev.

We will be hosting a bi-monthly get-together known as the JuniorDev Social. Here we socialise and connect with our fellow Juniors to swap stories and share wins or disastrous fails (yup, those are normal) all while enjoying some food and drink provided by our generous sponsors.

In the months that we’re not socialising we'll be coding! Every alternate month will see the JuniorDev Hack Night. Bring your laptops, questions and be ready to work on side hustles, tutorials, walkthroughs… or whatevs - we’ll have mentors on hand to help out.


This will be our first JuniorDev Social! Come and network with the community and meet some new friends.

We would also hear from fellow developers about their personal journeys as junior developers:

1) Aryn Choong Yue Lin (@arynchoong), Director, Women Who Code Singapore

Yue Lin has been a professional C Developer for more than ten years. She is currently taking her Masters in Technology at NUS-ISS.

More about Yue Lin:
More about Women Who Code Singapore:

2) Sherwyn Goh, Software Engineer, Skyscanner

Sherwyn in his own words:
"Ten years ago, I used to teach people to lift weights. Then I made Mexican food. Now I write programs on a computer for a living."

PS: Finger food & some booze will be provided. Courtesy of Engineers.SG!

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