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JuniorDevSG Code and Tell - September 2018

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Mavericks Consulting

1 Harbourfront Avenue, #13-03 Keppel Bay Tower, 098632 · Singapore

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Please register at the ground floor concierge desk for lift access to the 13th floor.

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Mavericks Consulting
The Pavilion, Kloud
1 Harbourfront Ave, #13-03,
Keppel Bay Tower, Singapore

JuniorDev Code & Tell - A Night of Technical Talks & Coding

1) Sarine Soon, Software Consultant, Mavericks Consulting
Topic: "Seeing eye to eye with CI"

Continuous integration has been known as a best practice for many years now. What exactly is being “integrated”? What are the benefits of CI? Why is CI always clubbed together with CD and can they be separate? At what point in a project should CI be introduced? Is there a project that wouldn’t benefit from setting up CI? How does CI fit in and synergize with other Extreme Programming practices? Get the answers to these questions and find out what makes CI so awesome!

2) Björn Andersson
Topic: What is DevOps?

DevOps is a word used a lot these days and reading job ads it seems like it's something one person in a team does. It also looks as if I buy the right tools I'm doing DevOps, but is that it?

Björn is a programmer with lots of strong opinions, weakly held. When he's not busy changing his mind, he builds data products at Spire using data collected from the satellites they build and get launched into orbit.

3) Yeo Kheng Meng, IoT Engineer, SP Group
Topic: "Speaking experiences from tech meetups to conferences"

Speaking at tech meetups and conferences may seem daunting. More so if you are a young engineer with limited industry experience. What can you talk about? Will others find it interesting? I'll share about my projects and speaking experiences at dozens of tech meetups and conferences.

Kheng Meng is an IoT Engineer at SP Digital where he develops sensors and IoT gateways. Outside of work, he volunteers at Repair Kopitiam where he teaches people repair skills to reduce the buy-and-throw-away culture. He also has an awesomely useless interest in retrocomputing.

4) Soh Wan Wei
Topic: “3 reasons why all Developers should do Public Relations”

Soh Wan Wei is a public relations professional who has interviewed more than 100 C-Level Executives to date, including presidents, ambassadors and politicians. She currently runs IKIGUIDE: Singapore's First Mainstream Blockchain Portal (

In 2017, Wan Wei was the first and only Singaporean selected by the Prime Minister’s Office to helm Finland’s 100th years of independence project.

Wan Wei graduated with a Masters in Corporate Communication from Aalto University School of Business and a Bachelor Degree in Economics with Honours from the National University of Singapore.

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With this Meetup group we hope to create a home for all things JuniorDev.

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