JuniorDevSG Code and Tell - November 2018

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SP Digital
240 Tanjong Pagar Road, #08-00 Keppel Tower 2, Singapore[masked]

JuniorDev Code & Tell - A Night of Technical Talks & Coding

1) Keith Chia
Topic: Technology Ethics and the Health of the Internet

As developers, we live, breathe, and die a little bit on the internet. We write code and behave in ways that both consume and add to the internet. So it’s not a bad idea to be aware of how healthy the internet is, and its effect on the people that use it. What does that mean? Is the internet in 2018 healthy for us as individuals, or as a society, or for humanity as a whole? Is it safe, open, welcoming, and shared?

Inspired by Mozilla’s Internet Health Report, we’ll talk a little bit about our responsibilities as creators of technologies, the issues of technology ethics and design at scale, and frameworks that we can consider utilising as internet users of the 21st century.

About the speaker
Keith is a UX-designer-turned-developer who is currently a consultant at Maltem Consulting Group. His past stints include development, QA engineering and design work at startups and large corporations alike. Fascinated by the crossroads of culture and technology, he constantly questions the cycle of causes and effects that make up our relationship with technology.

2) Rachel Lee, Quality Engineer, SP Digital (Quality Engineering)
Topic: How to Learn Something Hard in Tech

In the ever-changing landscape of tech, it can be daunting, especially for newcomers, to pick up new skills fast and evolve with the industry. The learning curves can be steep and expectations to excel and deliver are high. How does one cope with all of this? From leaving the banking industry with zero programming knowledge to running automated tests at work using Apache JMeter, Rachel will share tips that have helped her journey in tech, and she hopes that they would help you in yours too!

About the speaker:

Rachel Lee is currently a Software Engineer at SP Group under Quality Engineering. She made a mid-career jump from performing regulatory work in banks to learning web development full-time at General Assembly in 2017. Prior to joining SP Group, Rachel was doing a stint as Quality Assurance at a start-up. Rachel enjoys the challenge of picking up programming languages and frameworks as she navigates the tech industry.

3) Soe Min, Developer, StashAway
Topic: AMP-ing it up Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) provides lightning fast loading for mobile web clients. With the importance of loading speed for SEO, should we deploy AMP for our website? I'll share my experience with integrating AMP and the results it brings.

Soe Min is a pragmatic developer who's currently enjoying start up life.

4) Isha Tripathi, Mavericks Consulting
Topic: Dude where’s my README?
Exploring the subtle art of writing an effective README

Isha is a Developer at Mavericks Consulting. She enjoys talking about tech, feminism and salsa (dancing and eating).

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