STACK-X x JuniorDevSG: Junior Developers in Action - Stories, Wins & Fails


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Join us in our edition of "JuniorDevSG x STACK-X Meetup: Junior Developers in Action - Stories, Wins and Fails" where pioneering junior developers will share about their experiences, successes and setbacks as a fresh jumpstarter in the rigorous tech industry. Learn tips and tricks to achieve, design innovatively, and create breakthrough apps and products to accelerate your career and personal development.

Meetup Details
Date: Thursday 12 Dec 2019
Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Venue: Mapletree Business City, 10 Pasir Panjang Road, #10-01, Singapore[masked]

6:30pm - 7:00pm – Registration
7:00pm - 8:00pm – Talks
(1) Front End Design Thinking by Tan Hui Tian
(2) Designing with Words by Shakespeare Sim
(3) Learn in Public by Shawn Wong
8:00pm - 8:30pm – Networking

Light refreshments will be provided.

(1) Front End Design Thinking by Tan Hui Tian
Invariably, FE developers run into situations where they have to make visual design decisions. How do you make a component mobile responsive? How much white space is too much? Join me as I talk about what I’ve learned about design thinking (as well as a peppering of my struggles in other areas) in my first year as a web developer.

(2) Designing with Words by Shakespeare Sim
This presentation will explain why writing is part of design and how content supports government digital services. We'll also be sharing the content strategy adopted in Moments of Life (My Legacy): (a) how we did user testing and research for content (b) how we set up a workflow to manage 12 different agency stakeholders for content.

(3) Learn in Public by Shawn Wong
Developers are used to the idea of constant learning, especially in the fast moving JavaScript ecosystem. But how often do we take a step back from learning to consider how we learn? In this talk, we explore how Learning in Public can accelerate your career, bring value to your professional network, and ultimately make you a better developer, with experiences drawn from personal and other experiences.

About the Presenters

Tan Hui Tian
Hui Tian is a Junior Front End Developer at SmartKarma. She’s fresh to development, having made the career switch from art to code half a year ago.

Shakespeare Sim
Shakespeare is a user experience writer and content strategist at GovTech. She conducts user research and write to make products accessible for users with different needs, and is currently working on product content and user experience design for the Moments of Life Initiative.

Shawn Wong
Shawn is a developer experience designer at Netlify, where he has helped maintain open source tooling, as well as worked on some other OSS projects like TSDX and Gatsby's Showcase. He is also an instructor at and other workshops, where he teaches courses related to design systems and TypeScript.

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