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Tables Choice Afternoon in Chandler

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Chino Bandido's ( is a Chinese/Mexican fusion restaurant. Fast food, $, no wait staff, and it has plenty of tables and open room for card playing. It is a bit hard to find once you enter San Marco's Square, it's on the SE most corner of the shopping area... but I assure you this restaurant does exist on the SE corner of Dobson and Chandler.

This will be a repeating event the 4th Sunday afternoon of each month.

Tables choice = each table decides the card game that will be played at that table. Attendees are welcome to switch tables throughout the afternoon, sample different games, and are encouraged to play with different people. Don't know the card game? Not a problem, experienced players are always willing to train "newbies".

Have a favorite game - bring it (especially if it uses a non-standard playing deck!)

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