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We offer various outdoor programs, including beginner backpacking in spring and fall. Our modern backpacking equipment library and wilderness navigation support these programs, and we also organize backpacking trips, day hikes, service days, and other activities.

We are part of the "Local Outdoors" program of the National Sierra Club and organize outdoor activities. These outings are open to the KC Area community and are designed to be inclusive. We are affiliated with the national Sierra Club's Kanza, Thomas Hart Benton, and Wakarusa groups. We aim to welcome individuals from all backgrounds, and many of our members are committed to conservation, equity, and social welfare advocacy.

Our activities happen at places whose current names we can see on Google Maps, e.g., Missouri and Kansas. And we know the people living there as Missourians and Kansans. Historically, it's worth noting that these areas could have had different names, and the people living there could have had other names, too. Here is a helpful mapping tool to consider these matters, another referencing many established, well-known trails re. these matters and a resource for additional perspective.

Are you looking for a way to connect with nature, meet new people, or get some exercise? Sierra Club's local outings and national trips have something for everyone. Join Sierra Club on an outing today!

While you do not have to be a Sierra Club member to join this meetup group or participate in the outings, we welcome you to join for as little as $15 as it supports the overall Sierra Club, including the Local Outdoors program.

We sometimes ask for small donations on our outings to cover the costs of training our outing leaders in various areas, such as Wilderness First Aid, and maintaining our gear lending library for backpacking courses. It's important to note that the Sierra Club is a Section 501(c)(4) non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code, which means that any donations made are not tax-deductible. Additionally, our leaders are unpaid volunteers who generously give their time to lead these outings.

Concerning backpacking, in addition to the beginning backpacking program, our leaders host beginning and higher backpacking locally and sometimes regionally, with regular options for big league trips on Sierra Club National Outings, for which our local outings and programs can help prepare you.

Our Outings leaders are volunteers from the Sierra Club, offering diverse activities according to their interests. Day hikes, cycling, backpacking, and camping are some of our activities, but we also participate in other activities such as picking up trash, bird watching, clearing brush along a hiking trail, crawling in a cave, or eradicating invasive vegetation. You can feel confident that our leaders are certified for outings leadership, including the first aid training required for the level of the outing they are leading, and they complete structured pre-trip planning.

Due to certification requirements, only our leaders may create outings. However, please feel free to suggest nature or conservation-oriented outings; one of our leaders may make it happen.

To ensure everything runs smoothly during our outings, we ask that you please RSVP in advance. Just so you know, we do not accept walk-ins. Leaders have the final say before and during the outing, and they may require certain minimums for fitness, experience, and equipment. We will be sure to provide you with all the relevant information to set clear expectations, and we appreciate your cooperation in following the instructions. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you on our next outing!

Minors can join many day hikes, but only if they are accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult. Please check the outing description to see if it allows minors.

Sierra Club has a policy regarding pets on outings. Generally, pets, especially dogs, are prohibited unless the outing specifies otherwise. However, service animals are permitted and are not considered pets.

Outdoor activities occur more frequently in late spring and fall/winter and decrease during summer when leaders take personal trips or go on the water.

For the safety of all individuals, please be aware that firearms are strictly prohibited during outings.

Carpooling is encouraged among participants, but it is important to note that carpooling arrangements are strictly private and not covered by Sierra Club's insurance. As such, the club assumes no liability for any issues arising from carpooling or ride-sharing arrangements.

As part of the sign-in process for Sierra Club outings, all participants must sign a standard participant agreement. This agreement will be linked in individual Outings announcements, and you can look it over before signing.

You must complete a medical form if you plan to go on a backcountry, overnight, or day trip more than an hour away from an emergency medical facility. The form will be reviewed by the trip leader, and your privacy will be respected. We take the privacy of our participants very seriously and ensure that the responses on the form are kept confidential. In case of any emergencies, the form will be available during the trip. After the trip, we will either return or delete the form.

Whenever possible, we prefer to collect medical forms at the trailhead. However, for backpacking trips, we need to conduct a more thorough vetting process of the participants to ensure everyone's safety. Therefore, we require the medical forms to be filled out and submitted upfront for backpacking trips.

It is important to prioritize the health and safety of everyone attending an outing. Therefore, individuals who feel unwell or display symptoms of any contagious illness are kindly requested to refrain from attending the outing.

Please immediately let the outing leader know if you have any concerns during or after an outing. If you receive an unwelcome message from another member on Meetup, Meetup provides some guidance on taking individual action. Also, please don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance. This group is committed to posting events supporting the Sierra Club and those interested in participating.

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