Past Meetup

Pimp my Portfolio; Reimagine my Resumé!

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Join our group's primary sponsor, TEKSystems — bringing real live "in the field" reviewers in — for a night of good career guidance! Have your design portfolio reviewed and your resumé given the attention it deserves.

Whether you're "passively" looking for a better job opportunity, or "actively" on the prowl for something better than nothing, this will be a special night for you...

TEKsystems' own Patricia Martinez (she's so much more than the pizza lady!) will bring in some of her professional-level contacts to take a look at your work and give you pointers on how to make it even better. We'll rotate people throughout the breakroom area at Centriq to spend some quality, one-on-one face time with those professionals who are making actual decisions on visual designers just like you. See what makes them perk up and take notice, and what you might want to eliminate to keep from getting tossed into the "no thanks" pile.

Find out where the "holes" are in your resumé, see if your portfolio stacks up to current standards, and potentially learn about opportunities right now for your exact type of positions within some of Kansas City's hottest companies looking for User Experience and Visual Design professionals.

No, she didn't sing at the Super Bowl! It's pronounced "Bee-hance."

We'll also be exploring one of the newest treats from Adobe, the Behance network — already included in your Creative Cloud membership. Did you know that posting your portfolio on Behance gets your work samples in front of thousands of professionals around the world? Did you know that with a Behance ProSite, you're getting a fully-integrated, content managed, beautifully-styled portfolio web site and it costs you NOTHING to set it up? We'll show you how.

Join us the night after Labor Day (don't drink too much beer over the holiday weekend!) and bring your resumé and work samples along with you. Let's get this party started!