Good Designs, Virtual Reality (VR) and Change.


Have you heard of Virtual Reality (also known as VR)? KCDesignCore's August presentation will show examples of Virtual Reality. Maybe you've heard of iterations such as Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR). We don't know the future, so we can refer to it as Reality. Todd Einck and friends will help you understand the concepts -- they would like to understand your definition of Reality.

Do you feel more productive plugging into multiple monitors? A virtual environment (VR) removes the traditional constraints. Imagine a mobile 360 degree handsfree virtual environment with multiple screens. The early adopters have been using it and refining the technologies for years. Would you like to post examples of your vision?

Todd will introduce Ryan Manning, Owner of Bad Rhino Games, who is one of those visionaries. His Design Studio uses advanced Game Engine technologies. The Studio uses the power from the engine to build Reality environments. As a designer, are you creating change?

Part I: Virtual Reality (VR) show, tell and try.
Part II: "What If" traditional design constraints were lifted.
Part III: How intentional Designs are being applied.
Part IV: Why Designers need technologies to change.