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Online meeting: KCDesignCore 2022 Planning Jam!

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Jim H. and Joanna S.
Online meeting: KCDesignCore 2022 Planning Jam!


As we always do in January, we'll meet online to plan our calendar for the year. Now is the time to bring us your perfect vision for the next year!

  • What things would you like to learn in 2022?

  • What are the newest skills and topics we should cover?

  • What programs have you seen but have no clue how to use?

  • Which speakers are your favorites?

  • Where should we do our photowalk?

-Should we start planning for in-person meetings soon, or wait for the Omicron wave to pass?

-Is meetup the best way to stay in touch, or should we look for some other way? If it is the best way, what is a good way to allow interested members to contribute to the $120/year cost? (Meetings will always be free to attend, but some of you have asked how to help with our platform costs)

Bring your best ideas and meet us earn a raffle ticket for the upcoming June CC giveaway. We'll meet in the Zoom space and discuss what you would like to learn in the upcoming year.

Thanks for helping make 2021 a success for our group in a rough year! Come help us decide how to make 2022 even better.

We will be sending out a survey to the whole membership soon, please take a few minutes to fill it out, even if you can't attend the meeting Tuesday.

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