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This group is operated by Kadampa Meditation Center Long Island (Sept. 4, 2019)

Kadampa Meditation Center is located on the beautiful north shore of Long Island. The Center offers weekly drop-in classes, beginner meditation classes, day courses, classes for children and families, day and weekend retreats, and in-depth study programs.

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How Not to Get Triggered

Kadampa Meditation Center LI

Sometimes, either accidentally or on purpose, people say or do that one thing that REALLY “pushes our buttons!” One strategy would be to try to avoid all of these people and their behaviors for the rest of our life. However, since that’s not actually possible, we need to find a different way to work – a deeper way, with lasting results. We need to get to work on our mind! Where is the upset coming from? Is there a different way to respond? With the help of Buddha’s teachings and methods, we’ll get to the bottom of why we get triggered, why we respond the way we do, and we’ll learn ways to deal that are coming from wisdom, instead of fear, insecurity and anger. Holiday gatherings are coming up… that often provides a fertile training ground – let’s get to work! This series will be based on the book How To Solve Our Human Problems by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Nov 3 An Unpleasant Feeling Nov 10 Anger: Power or Poison? Nov 17 No class due to Empowerment Nov 24 The Root of Fear and Insecurity — Who we Really Are Dec 1 The Clarity and Power of Patient Acceptance No pre-registration required. Everyone welcome! https://meditationonlongisland.org/how-not-to-get-triggered/

Green Tara Prayers , Liberation from Sorrow

Kadampa Meditation Center LI

Green Tara is a female Buddha, whose name means Rescuer. She is the embodiment of swift compassion. If we rely upon Tara sincerely and with strong faith, she will protect us from all obstacles and fulfill all our wishes. https://meditationonlongisland.org/event/6-645pm-green-tara-liberation-from-sorrow-puja

Change is Possible!

Kadampa Meditation Center Long Island (KMC-LI)

Is it possible to change the way we experience the world? When we meditate we can tap into our inner peace, our Buddha Nature. Buddha teaches that we all can change, we all have the potential for ultimate inner peace. The essence of Buddhist practice is to learn to identify and let go of painful, distorted states of mind and allow our good qualities to shine. Each week we’ll learn a practical method to bring this about through meditation and daily life practice. This series will be based on the book, How to Understand the Mind. Nov 12 – From Agitation to Peace Nov 19 – From Craving to Contentment Nov 26 – From Alienation to Connection Dec 3 – From Anger to Acceptance Dec 10 – From Jealousy to Joy Dec 17 – From Neediness to Love No pre-registration required. Everyone welcome! https://meditationonlongisland.org/change-is-possible/

Meditation: Inner Exploration and Healing

Kadampa Meditation Center LI

Buddha’s teachings give us the methods to transform our mind into a peaceful, calm state. Through the practice of meditation, we can explore our life challenges, bringing wisdom and compassion into every situation. Even a small daily practice can help to heal and transform our mind. As we change, our life also changes. https://meditationonlongisland.org/thurs-am-hunt/

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