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Our meditation center is dedicated to achieving world peace through following the Kadampa Buddhist Path. Kadampa teachings offer us special advice, so that we can learn to become happy and lead meaningful lives that have the power to greatly benefit others. It is a path of compassion and wisdom, with a great emphasis on integrating what we learn into our daily lives. You do not need to be Buddhist to benefit from Buddha’s teachings: this is ancient wisdom that remains strikingly relevant in our modern, busy lives. Everybody is welcome!

KMC Boston offers an extensive program of meditation classes, study programs, and retreats. The methods and practices taught at the center are suitable for all individuals, whatever your level of interest. By following Buddha’s special advice, we can relax our mind, dissolve our pain and fear, and become of greater benefit to others.

A typical class consists of a gentle relaxation meditation, teaching, discussion, and a concluding meditation. The meditations are guided and are suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Each class is self-contained so feel free to join at any time!

We offer ongoing meditation classes in Jamaica Plain, Back Bay, New Bedford, and Portland, ME. In addition we also hold retreats, day workshops, and special events, all of which are open to everyone regardless of background or experience.

Everyone is welcome – just drop into any class!

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Thursday Morning Meditation

Kadampa Meditation Center Boston


Meditation is a time-tested method used to improve our mind and thereby transform our life and world. Drop in for a mid-day rejuvenation with a gentle, guided meditation to calm and clear the mind, let go of tension and get re-focused for the rest of your day. These meditations improve our mindfulness, helping us to subdue our distractions and be more present, in the moment, with a positive state of mind. No prior meditation experience is necessary and everyone is welcome! Learn more online: http://meditationinboston.org/thursday/ Cost | $12

FREE Guided meditations, Thursdays, 3-5p, every half hour.

Kadampa Meditation Center Boston

KMC Boston has expanded our hours! We are now open Thursdays, 3 - 5pm. Free guided meditations will be offered on the half hour. Take this time to relax, refresh & de-stress. Cultivate inner peace through a guided practice and enjoy the rest of your day with an inspired and positive mind. With regular practice these meditations help us to experience mental clarity, a sense of well-being, and increased love and compassion for others. "Just by doing breathing meditation for ten or fifteen minutes each day, we can reduce this stress. We shall experience a calm spacious feeling in the mind and many of our usual problems will fall away." ~Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Sunday Morning Meditation (drop-in class)

Kadampa Meditation Center Boston


These Sunday classes emphasize integrating essential, positive states of mind such as patience, universal love, and compassion into our daily life. Come learn how meditating on and cultivating these positive states lead to a happy, more meaningful life! Each class includes 2 guided meditations and a short teaching. Since these Drop-In classes are designed both as a series and as stand-alone classes, you are welcome to attend any time. No registration needed. No prior experience or commitment required. Come and enjoy guided meditations and teachings to help cultivate peace not only in our own hearts but also in our world. Everyone is welcome! • What to bring No need to bring anything. No special clothing needed. Sit on cushion or chair. • Important to know Enjoy and relax! For more info: https://meditationinboston.org/meditation-classes/

Spring Training For The Mind: How To Be Happy

Church of the Covenant


As Spring comes into season, we are led naturally into thinking of ways to grow, get out of our shell, thaw out from stuck or challenging places, and embrace something new. In this course we will take a look at some straightforward and practical ways to give ourselves some “Spring Training” for our mind! Even if we have been a bit of a slump, it is never too late to emerge and see how different meditations and Buddhist practices can help us improve. We will look at some meditation practices for: Envisioning our way into a “better” place mentally Letting go of self-defeating thoughts Tapping into a sense of peace and happiness .

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Kadampa Meditation Center Boston


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