November Apache Kafka Meetup

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Join us for the November Apache Kafka meetup on 11/10 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm, hosted by Smyte in San Francisco. The address is 680 2nd St, SF CA 94107 (to note: it’s not in the 1st floor bookstore, enter via the door just to the north of the bookstore). The agenda and speaker information can be found below. See you there!


6:30pm: Doors open

6:30pm - 6:45pm: Networking

6:45pm - 7:00pm: Presentation #1: the SMACK Stack with Alexy Khrabrov

7:00pm - 7:30pm: Presentation #2: Josh Yudaken, Smyte

7:30pm - 8:00pm: Presentation #3: Matthias J Sax, Confluent

8:00pm - 8:30pm: Additional Q & A and Networking

First Talk

Speaker: Alexy Khrabrov

Bio: Dr. Alexy Khrabrov is the founder and organizer of Scala By the Bay conference ( (, held at Twitter 11/11-13, and keynoted by Jay Kreps, the co-creator of Apache Kafka, on 11/13. Data pipelines form the core of the conference. Meetup members can use the discount KAFKA20 to get 20% off the remaining late bird registrations.

Title: The SMACK Stack Overview

Abstract: SMACK stands for Scala/Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra and Kafka, and generally means a complete, end-to-end data pipeline of a modern web-scale company such as Twitter or Uber. Each letter names a system representative of the backend component it's responsible for: Akka is API, Kafka is the message bus, Cassandra is persistence, and Spark is compute. This quick talk will link topics in the Apache Kafka, SF Scala, SF Cassandra, SF Spark, and SF Hadoop meetups as they come together in the data pipelines.

Second Talk

Speaker: Josh Yudaken (Engineering at Smyte)

Bio: Josh Yudaken is an engineer who has spent most of his time building developer tools and managing server infrastructure. He is currently co-founder and infrastructure lead at Smyte. Prior to Smyte, he worked at Instagram setting up a continuous deployment system, and working development infrastructure as well as their AWS to Facebook datacenter migration. In a previous life he was a co-founder at SnapBill, a PCI-compliant billing system for insurance companies, in his native South Africa.

Title: Efficient streaming databases

Abstract: Combining Kafka, Kubenetes & RocksDB has enabled Smyte to write our own domain specific databases. Hear our story and a rundown of the open-source framework that we're releasing.

Third Talk

Speaker: Matthias J Sax (Software Engineer at Confluent)

Bio: Matthias is a software engineer and Apache committer working on Kafka Streams. Prior to joining Confluent he worked on his PhD at Humboldt-University of Berlin focusing on stream processing technology (using Apache Storm). He also worked on the Stratosphere research project (now Apache Flink) and contributed to Kafka, Flink, and Storm.

Title: Application Development with Apache Kafka Streams

Abstract: This talk introduces Kafka Streams, Apache Kafka’s lightweight and easy-to-use Java stream processing library. As a client side library, it allows you to build Java applications for data stream processing without thinking about cluster management. This contrasts Kafka’s stream processing approach with frameworks like Apache Flink or Apache Storm.

Kafka Streams is natively integrated with Kafka core and thus builds upon a battle tested foundation to provide scalability, elasticity, fault tolerance, state management, security and more. With its high-level DSL and lower-level Processor API, Kafka Streams supports quick prototyping, high flexibility and powerful expressiveness at the same time. Thus, Kafka Streams suits small, medium and large-scale use cases and lets the developer focus on her main business: building apps, not clusters.