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First KarlsruheJS 2018! AGENDA 19:00: INTRO 19:15: DEEP LEARNING IN THE BROWSER Alpha Go, Alexa, Deep Dream, autonomous cars… Artificial intelligence made incredible steps forward and is now rapidly shaping our society. Each day, we wake up in a world full of technology that feels more and more like magic. We want to lift the curtain and see what drives this magic. We will guide you on a way to easily explore deep learning right inside your browser. You will learn the basic principles of Deep Neural Networks, what you can use them for and how to start with your first own network. Everything in the language you all love: 🖤 JS 🖤 Frederic Tausch and Dennis Keck of will give an introduction into deeplearn.js, an open source WebGL-accelerated JavaScript library for machine intelligence. Allowing you to train or deploy deep neural networks inside the browser. For people who are already more advanced in ML, there will also be space for discussions with our team members. 19:45: BREAK 🍕& 🍺 20:30: ON THE ROAD TO PWA: MONETISING YOUR APP WITH PAYMENT REQUEST API Goodbye, app store! Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is an application model that empowers web applications to use “native” features such as offline capability or push notifications. PWAs can be installed on the device by simply adding them to the home screen. With Google, Apple and Microsoft on board, PWA are here to stay. But how do app developers and vendors make money in a post-app store age? Fortunately, there’s an answer to that: The Payment Request API. This feature allows online shops, websites and apps to display a convenient, consistent user interface for online payments. Thinktecture’s Christian Liebel (@chris_liebel) shows what you can do with Payment Request API. 21:00 - 22:00: HANG OUT --- This event is hosted and sponsored by our friends at

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    KarlsruheJS ist ein regelmäßiges Treffen von JavaScript-Entwicklern in Karlsruhe.
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