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Coed Soccer Pick Up - Outdoor Waveland

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Join our pick up COED soccer games this Spring! We will play in prime locations along the lake for more than 90 minutes!

We will play this THURSDAY, MAY 10TH starting at 6:00PM until 7:30PM or until we can no longer see the ball!

We are bringing a fresh pick up experience to Chicago. We will not just be getting together and putting some garbage cans as goals, but we will bring you as close as possible to a real league game while keeping it fun, dynamic, and professional.

We will:

- Have a referee to keep "things" to the game

- Pick up soccer goals that will simulate the famous trash cans...(lol!)

- Play in marked soccer fields!

- Players will be given vests to wear during games to distinguish teams

- Use different techniques that will allow all players play an equal amount of time in different teams.

- Provide you with free beverage during the pick up, thanks to ZICO (

- Have the opportunity to get recruited to play with a team at a local league (

- Enjoy of all Kick It Social's bar sponsors in the area for after the game celebration. (

- Drive hassle free thanks to our transportation provider: Zipcar. Follow this link to see the deal! (

There is parking available right next to the field!

FEE: $3 per player due before the each pick up. The Fee will cover the rental of the field. Kick It Social Rents Fields from the Chicago Park District in order to make the pick up possible and to avoid issues with other groups trying to take on the field.

Pick Up Rules:

1) All decisions taken by the referee are finals.

2) FIFA rules apply, however, to keep the game from being interrupted very frequently, it is up to the referee to call out of bounce balls. For instance, if the ball is about one foot out of bounce but dominated by a player, the referee may decide to keep the game going. So, rule of dumb: PLAY BY THE WHISTLE! NO WHISTLE, THEN PLAY ON!

3) Teams will be formed very randomly: Each player will pick a number from a pile, and odds will play even numbers. If the organizer asks you to change teams, please comply kindly as we are trying to balance the level of competitiveness in each team to keep the pick up fun.

KIS Good Manner’s Protocol:

1) We are all amateur players, which means that no one knows extremely more than the player next to you. That being said, please DO NOT act as if you were Guardialo, Mourinho, Beckembauer, Bielsa, Ferguson, Filipao, and many other super-star coaches. Most players receiving the direction do not welcome it!

2) Professional referees make huge mistakes! So, don’t take it with our humble officials! One thing we can guarantee is that they WILL make mistakes. Another thing we can guarantee is that there is no malicious intentions behind their mistakes! So, don’t be asking for calls when a different decision was already taken.

3) Fighting includes provoking other players to fight. You will be removed from the game. So, if you received a foul and the ref called it, then STOP IT right there. If the ref did not call it and you feel the other player did not intend to play the ball, you need to communicate with the organizers. DO NOT TAKE ACTIONS ON YOUR OWN!

For More information, or weather cancellation, call: 312.622.1638 or email

Below is a map to Waveland Park. Our Logo shows where the pick up will be held and here is a link for further driving instructions: